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Growing, growing – what are you?!?

5 Jul

Of the 7 cherry tomato plants, the fruit on one has been way in the lead.   Hmm, the fruit is supposed to be 1″ ripe… these guys are looking like monsters!!  What’s going on?!  These are not looking like cherry tomatoes – this is curious…

Looking bigger than a cherry tomato!

Yesterday, I looked closely at the name tag – what I thought was a chocolate  cherry –  then looked closer, hidden deeper in the soil… the rest of the name… what?!?!  I’m not imagining their difference from the cherry tomatoes, the name revealed this is actually a beefsteak heirloom chocolate Cherokee.   No wonder these look different!!!   Rather than 1″ little cherry tomatoes, these are reported to be 3-4″ (although one post said “as large as grapefruit”) 10-14 oz.  I had wanted to try something different this year – OK, this will be fun!  Can’t wait to try them!!

chocolate cher… rest of the name tag – that explains the monster size!

Description of Chocolate Cherokee:  A stabilized version of Cherokee Purple. Craig LeHoullier stabilized this rogue heirloom in 1995, originating from the popular old heirloom from Tennessee, Cherokee Purple. Big, sprawling vigorous plants that yield 3-4-inch, 10-14 oz., mahogany-colored beefsteak tomatoes. Cherokee Chocolate has developed a great following among celebrity chefs because of its exceptionally rich, complex, tomato flavors and wonderful chocolaty appearance.

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