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Tomatoes with potato leaves?!? Brandy Sweet Plum (BSP)

5 Jul

Yup!!  Brandy Sweet Plum, one of the cherry tomato varieties I grew last year and again this year has potato leaves!  They look really interestingly cool, potato  leaf tomato !!  Photos of my BSP on July 4, 2017.

Brandy Sweet Plum, potato leaf!


From Wikipedia: 

Potato leaf (PL) is one of two major types of leaves which tomato plants exhibit. The other type is referred to as “regular leaf” (RL).   Simply stated, potato leaf tomato plants have a smooth leaf edge[1] when compared with the serrated edge of the regular leaf.   The shape is oval and may feature notches separating large lobes.[1] Its color is dark green.[1]

Brandy Sweet Plum – the fruit will be pink when ripe.  Fascinating how the flowers become orbs

Tomatoes and potatoes are both nightshade vegetables… “as they are cousins, more or less, they share some of the same traits, including similar foliage. Leaf color and size can vary with each variety of tomato and is influenced by climate, nutrients and growing methods.  At the end of the day, potato leaf tomatoes can be chalked up to just one of nature’s curious quirks, a good one that allows for further varieties of tomato to be grown even if just for fun.”

Brandy Sweet Plum, lots of fruit coming – hang in there little ones!


Description:  BSP   “AKA Brandysweet Plum.   Seeds sent to Gary Ibsen for TomatoFest seed trials via Kenneth Cook from N.H., from Neil Lockhart  and from Gaza Korbely from Hungary.   This is a wonderful indeterminate, open-pollinated, compact, potato leaf, tomato variety that was an accidental cross between Brandywine and Sweet 100, yielding abundant crops of 2 oz., jade-pink, elongated cherry fruit with the rich, complex flavors of Brandywine combined with the pronounced sweetness of Sweet 100.   I’ve been told that it is difficult for these cherry tomatoes to make it out of the garden and into the kitchen because of their superb taste.   A great snackin’ and salad tomato.”

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