49th Bill Luti 5 Mile, New England Runner Magazine article. Will there be a large salute for 50th Luti in 2017?

13 Sep
49th Bill Luti 5 Mile, Concord NH

49th Bill Luti 5 Mile, Concord NH




USATF New England 10 mile Championship, Millennium Running, New Hampshire 10 Miler 8/27/16

1 Sep

8th of 14 races in the 2016 Elliot Millennium Series and Points Chase

Around Massabesic Lake, Auburn.   Great & helpful course preview here

A couple weeks ago I injured my right hip flexor and even walking was uncomfortable… ugh.   Road biking fortunately does not hurt… at least I feel like I am doing something athletic.   PT was helping, but I was really concerned if I could cover the race distance.   Hmmm, call a cab at 5 miles?   The day prior to the race, my PT at Apple Therapy Services opted for dry needling.  Crazy, but it helped significantly!   It was wild to see how my muscle bent the needle when it twitched.    Apparently, that’s a good thing!   I hopped off the table and my hip felt as loose as soggy spaghetti.   Thrilled after successful PT, I went to early number pickup at Millennium Running store and used a gift certificate from RibFest 5 mile race towards some Tifosi sunglasses!

Pre race near Northeast Delta Dental Partnership flag with Ellen Tidd and her fiancé Tom Raffio, CEO Northeast Delta Dental

With race sponsor Northeast Delta Dental CEO, Tom Raffio, and his fiancé Ellen Tidd (573)

I was looking forward to seeing my USATF friends and Whirlaway teammates who I haven’t raced with in a while.   From 2000 through 2014 I competed in every USATF NE Grand Prix Championship race (105 consecutive) and feel incredibly fortunate and grateful to be a Whirlaway runner.   Since then though, I’ve dialed down running and enjoy being an athlete more for fun now… a new “balance” with life and running.   I felt apprehension.   Would I be judged for not being as fast as I used to be?

USATF New England 10 Mile Championship

The weather predicted a 89 degree high, so started drinking water as soon as I woke up.   The “other injured SP” (Sal) picked me up at 7:15. We arrived at 7:45, found a good parking spot and checked out the area. Warmed up a bit on rail trail, a few bathroom stops, some banana and lined up near friends.  I started out very conservatively, seeing how hip would react. Pat Bourgault said, “just treating it like 10 mile run” and I kept that thought in my head.  I also drew on having run the course 3 weeks ago and seeing USATF friends around me – Lisa Doucett, Stephen Peckiconis, Whirlaway teammates Lisa Z and John Gorman – many others from a decade and a half of Championship races.

I walked through 2 water stops to make sure I got enough water, checked in with my body, didn’t look at splits.   Poignantly chasing Pat Bourgault and Lisa Doucett on one of the toughest inclines – and having the grit to pass them.  Pat got back by me, but she didn’t realize it until after we finished.   (The following day, Pat & I went to Greg Audet & Lisa Comire Kaim’s “After the Wedding Celebration” – amusing to talk about what we had forgotten during the race!)

The final right into the parking lot – don’t gauge it wrong – and then the fabulous sight of the finish line.  WMUR sports director Jamie Staton gave me a tremendous shout out, yay, and crossed the line, overjoyed that my body let me get this done.   Singlet and shorts were sopping, sunglasses so coated with dried sweat I could hardly see through them.

Headed to finish line

Headed to finish line

I was so grateful and fortunate to be able to get through.   When I saw my PT last night, she’d been worried how it would go.  As I told her that not only did I get through, I was 6th in NE Age Group, she got chills.   6th in NE age group was totally unreal, competing with runners like Mimi Fallon (3 Olympic Marathon trials and one world marathon team) and Whirlaway teammate/Olympian Maria Servin… absolutely an out-and-out gift.  finish line

As always, John Mortimer and Millennium provided an exceptional event. Pre-race information emailed, early number pick-up, free photos and results emailed, medals and womens size shirts, results trailer, lots of post race snacks, Andy Schachat announcing on the course and Jamie Staton at finish – always lots of extras and professionalism. Super all around!

Happy to see finish line

Happy to see finish line


1:21:19 (1:21:35)    8:08     6th in USATF NE AG (10 of 115   50-59 )


2016 Elliot Millennium Series / Points Chase – Still 1st in AG


pint glass from last year, medal, race shirt, number

pint glass from last year, medal, race shirt, number


Lake Massabesic early race morning

Lake Massabesic early race morning

Millennium Running – Boot Scootin’ Boogie 5K, Londonderry NH July 23, 2016

2 Aug


Boot Scoot

“Boots” Boot Scootin Boogie

Congratulations to everyone who participated and thank you for a great night Millennium Running!

“Boots” was another fabulously innovative, incredibly professional event from John Mortimer and Millennium. Everyone seemed to have a blast and the tough weather early on just made it more memorable! Plus it showed the resourcefulness and resilience of the athletes and Millennium crew.

The 2nd year of this country themed, evening race –  part of NH Grand Prix (club road running series) AND double miles for Elliot Millennium Series – so extra competitive!  With my lack of training, knee problems and the high level of competition, I tried not to have huge expectations.  Rather, I try to look at the positives, cherish the running “journey” and all the great, fit, determined athletes – together for the challenge & celebration.


country music

Taste of Nashville country music tour concert


Driving to the race I stopped at Dunkins’ for iced black coffee, hoping caffeine would give me a jolt, and noticed the weather was ominous. When I arrived at Londonderry High School and parked in a dirt lot near a baseball field, the wind was howling. It looked like a dust storm and baseball players were running towards their cars.   I thought of Cape Cod Marathon, October 2012 (Hurricane Sandy weekend).   As I ran towards registration and warm-up, Mike Thompson was removing the starting line… huh?!! WMUR Sports Director Jamie Staton (WMUR Sports Director) said registration, tents, everything was being taken down because of a thunderstorm warning, but they would be producing the race and it would kick off at 8pm.

The storm was quick moving and people were being asked to seek shelter until the storm passed, so Mike & Jamie said I could get in the truck. I still wanted to do a warm up, but heard tree limbs were down all over the area.

After it passed, everything came together incredibly rapidly and we lined up to start with a rainbow behind us!


Race number, wrist band to access post race concert, beer garden, bonfire, mechanical bull, etc. Swag cowboy hat to all participants

We were off!!!  It’s a fast downhill start.  I did my best to just keep pushing.   Friends Ellen, Greg, Jade were ahead of me.   It wasn’t until the last long uphill 3rd mile that I got near Jade.  She’s a super fit athlete, incredible competitor and leading the Millennium women’s Points Standings.  Jade pushed me hard to not lose her during the race.   Up the final part, meter by meter, relentless.

We turned the last left with finish line in sight, hearing Andy Schachat’s shout out… I threw in a kick… somehow Jade didn’t come… wow, I got lucky.  Did I mention Jade is leading the Millennium women’s Points Standings?!?  She’s an amazing runner.

It was a “hurl inspiring” finish.   I kept walking around for a few minutes, ready to barf!!!  John Mortimer asked if I was OK.   Jade said she did throw up. We must have pushed pretty hard!  Friend Tammie Robie, 3rd F, said it was that way for her too!

Jade, Steven

Jade Potts, me, Steven Krejckant – post race, check out Steven’s cow bell medal

Post race was a country music concert, mechanical bull, beer garden, food vendors, huge bonfire and people wearing their race cowboy hats. Runners loved the Yasso frozen yogurt bars – I tasted mint chip, but my stomach wasn’t ready for food.   Visited with Ellen Tidd & Tom Raffio, Audet’s, Jade & Steven and gave away my Sam Adam’s Summer beer.



Athletes headed to field, huge bonfire!

I started having post race bonkiness and it was getting late for me.   I needed to put something in my system quickly, fortunately there were some bananas left over and grabbed a few small slices of Portland Pie pizza as I walked back to the car.

I tried to not be too bummed about my time and not compare to where I was a few years ago.  I also tend to get down on myself often by comparing myself to others.  I need to stop my automatic thoughts and remind myself to follow the better way of looking at things.   Perspective, Sarah!!!!!  I gotta remember!!  I have so much to feel grateful about – thank you wonderful running friends who I treasure –  we keep getting it done!!  Appreciate the accomplishments, participate in the fun and thank God I am still able to do this!

 Results   23:17  7:30 pace  Kick time: :49 last 200 (7:22)

5th of 93 in AG 


yellow bib

Millennium Running Points Chase  – “maillot jaune” leader yellow jersey


Post race – Jamie Staton setting up for selfie

WMUR Sports Director Jamie Staton - post race.

WMUR Sports Director Jamie Staton – post race.


Millennium Running CEO, Founder John Mortimer; Delta Dental, race sponsor, CEO Tom Raffio; Senator Kelly Ayotte; Ellen Tidd (Tom’s fiancé) – twins Kelly & Ellen!

Millennium Running, Ribfest 5 mile, Merrimack – 06.19.2016

21 Jun


Third year and my 3rd Ribfest 5 mile, Anheuser Bush facility in Merrimack.  1403 registered runners.  This was part of a huge 3 day BBQ competition with live bands, booths, food vendors, kids race.   Last year it was a NH Championship (pouring rain) and the year prior it was a USATF-NE Grand Prix 5 mile Championship so this always draws fast, competitive runners.

Similar to last year, travelled with NHTI coach Perry Seagroves. Offsite parking at BAE guarantees warm up, warm down. Forecast was hot for the day (90’s)  9:00 a.m. start, I’d been hydrating for a few hours.

Inflatable arch

Inflatable arch

Like all Millennium events, everything was so professional with tremendous attention to detail. Plus this year had innovative tie-ins to the event, like BBQ apron (instead of race shirt) and BBQ wood-handled grill tool spatula awarded to top 50 Age Grade winners!  (My secret goal was to win an Age Grade BBQ grill tool)

We also received event entry & 2 free beers coupons, although I’ve never felt up for it post-race.

After stretches, strides, national anthem, we were off for the uphill start and ½ mile in, my quads wondered about that speed on treadmill the day before the race. Well, this was going to hurt, so be tough!  I tried to keep up with friends Ellen & Greg, which meant going out fast for me.   By two miles, I had inched ahead of them, but wasn’t sure how my legs were going to keep going for 3 more miles.   I felt like I was slowing in the 2nd-3rd miles.  Pat Bourgault came by me, but I couldn’t go any faster.   I saw Perry ahead (shorts on backwards, NHTI logo on the back!)   At 4 miles (wishing it was 5) I told myself “4 more laps on the track”   Form, mental focus.  Finally, taking the left turn downhill.  Look up for the huge black & white inflatable arch & clock, strong through the final, hearing Andy Schachat’s voice with a generously kind shout out… over the finish line!!!!!   I grabbed a water, spent – racing hurts.


Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

With Whirlaway teammate & race winner Ruben Sanca

With Whirlaway teammate & race winner Ruben Sanca

Checked timing trailer for results, but it wasn’t showing AG, I knew at least 2 were in front of me. After a quick trip to the car, went back and found out YAY!!!  I was 19th in Age Grade awards!!!!  The BBQ wood-handled grill tool spatula!!!! PLUS we got gift certificates for Millennium store too!!!!  When I got home, I checked full results and found out I was 3rd in AG, whew, I got lucky today with strong competition.  Podium.

Coveted Age Grade award BBQ wooden handle grill tool!! BBQ apron, gift cert to Millennium store

Coveted Age Grade award BBQ wooden handle grill tool!! BBQ apron, gift cert to Millennium store


38:28 (10 seconds faster than last year)

3 of 124 in Age Group – podium day

19th Age Grade [34.09]

1403 registered runners

Points Standings Update  3rd female overall

Fisher Cats 3K May 29, 2016 – Memorial Day weekend

2 Jun
Fisher Cats

Fisher Cats

Thank you Fisher Cats and Northeast Delta Dental!

Outside stadium, pick up numbers

Outside stadium, pick up numbers

Memorial Day gives us pause to thank and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can have our freedoms.  We are truly fortunate and coming together with friends in a race like this reminds me how much we have to be grateful for.

50, debut new AG:

Two weeks ago, I turned 50. I admit, I was secretly hoping to have a strong debut run here in 50 AG.   Plus, I love stadium finishes, the 3K distance, know Riverwalk area (late miles of Manchester Marathon course.)  Plus, race entry included buffet picnic overlooking left field, (1) complimentary ticket for game following race and Atlas fireworks show!

My secret plan for a good 50 AG showing were shot down Friday when I found out masters & seniors were combined, ugh, 40-59 AG! I dropped my expectations. Oh well, just go and enjoy the fun of the event.

Race day:

Temps were fortunately in the 60’s, compared to 90’s the day before. Grabbed my number, brief warm up to check sections of the course.  Ushered down stadium steps onto the field and nervously did strides for 4:15 start.

On the field

Tossed a rosin bag out of the way, like I was clearing a track.   Fired up, anticipating, ready… GO!!!  We were off, my heart rate increased… sprint, no rest, focus.

At a hairpin turn I saw leaders, Dave Dunham and a youngster together.   Ellen Tidd, who has been racing incredibly fast, had a teenage girl nearby.  I didn’t think they were within reach… just keep pushing hard.   Ellen got by the girl while on Riverwalk, then, surprisingly, I passed Ellen.   Keep strong around a left turn and up slight incline.   I was vocal at a car poised to cut off runners and kept focus entering the stadium.

Felt the red clay underfoot, with a gratifying push towards the clock… over the finish line!! 12:29, elated, that was quick!!! Jubliant, I checked in with other runners and kept moving.  I felt like I might have placed well, didn’t want to be too hopeful, but wondered if was among top women?!?!  Winner, Dave Dunham, thought I might have been 2nd female.   Teeming with excitement… 2nd overall female?!?!

It was hard for me to stop moving and think clearly. Did a 2 mile warm down, washed with excitement, adrenaline.  Dang, dang, dang, wow what a great day.

Northeast Delta Dental suite! Ellen Tidd (3rd F), me (2nd F) Dave Dunham (1st)

How “suite” it is! Northeast Delta Dental suite! Ellen Tidd (3rd F), me (2nd F) Dave Dunham (1st)

I didn’t think it could get better, then after the warm-down, walking inside the Northeast Delta Dental Stadium concourse , Tom Raffio (President and CEO of Northeast Delta Dental) graciously invited several of us to the Northeast Delta Dental Suite, including 1st , 2nd place (Dave Dunham & Dave Audet), Ellen Tidd (3rd F), me (2nd F)!!!  Immediately, as you step inside, the most tremendously stunning view of the ballpark!!  The suite is pristine; kitchen area with granite countertops, fridge stocked and hot and cold food, comfy furniture and through the sliding glass doors is a private seating area with real ball park seats.   Wow, what an honor and privilege to be invited, thank you, Tom!!!

Results, Fisher Cats 3K, May 29, 2016

Results, Fisher Cats 3K, May 29, 2016

Next, checked out the picnic… burgers, salad, hotdogs, chips (stomach doesn’t want to eat much post race) but while waiting, posted “Suite” photo and my iPhone received automatic results confirming I was 2nd female overall!!!! Wow, wow, dang, dang, dang, what a great day!!!!  Seriously incredible course of events!!

The race entry included post race all-you-can-eat buffet picnic overlooking left field

The race entry included post race all-you-can-eat buffet picnic overlooking left field

Game started at 6:05 and stayed for first pitch, but it was starting to get really chilly. I was trying to remember about awards, not sure how they’d handle them, so while walking to exit stadium, I looked up “Registrant Info” email:  “A Fisher Cats Prize Pack would be awarded to the top two race times among male participants and the top two race times among female participants in age groups. Additionally, the top three overall times for males and females would be awarded with a VIP Prize Pack presented on-field at the end of the first inning.”  What?!?!?!  NO WAY?!?!?!  COOL!!!  Double back to executive suite!!  How could the day keep getting better and better and better?!?!?

Tunnel inside stadium, headed to awards

Tunnel inside stadium, headed to awards

Tom Raffio showed us to the Guest Services area and we were led through corridors under the stadium to dugout.


Waiting behind the scenes to go on field

I was trying to take it all in – there were the Atlas fireworks for post game show, players were walking past us.

dugout 2

Dugout before going on field for awards. Fisher Cats game vs. the Reading Fightin’ Phils (AA-Philadelphia Phillies)

I tried to stay quiet and out of the way, oblivious to my chilly wet running bra, shorts, and that my Whirlaway sweatshirt wasn’t keeping me really warm!!   Hey, I wouldn’t miss this if I was frozen to the bone.

Awards on the field Dave Audet (2nd pl), Ellen Tidd (3rd F), me (2nd F), Dave Dunham (1st pl)

Awards on the field
Dave Audet (2nd pl), Ellen Tidd (3rd F), me (2nd F), Dave Dunham (1st pl)


We were given the cue to go out on the field and I turned to see that our names were displayed huge on the jumbotron.  It was hard to hear the announcer, so I likely waved at the wrong time… d’oh.  Our Fisher Cats VIP Prize Pack included an ball autographed by the players (witnessed and certified) plus, I won 4 tickets to any game this season!

Won a Fisher Cats team autographed ball; 4 tickets to any game this season!

Won a Fisher Cats team autographed ball; 4 tickets to any game this season!

Holy cow, wow!! Not my typical race… seriously, it could not have been more perfect. Heading home, I couldn’t settle down, stopped to grab some celebratory sushi (eventually there’d be hunger) with my thoughts replaying everything.  Living the dream!!

12:28.5, 6:42 pace, 2nd place Female

Full Results

What a day! Debut race in 50 AG could not have been more perfect

What a day! Debut race in 50 AG could not have been more perfect




Millennium Running, Cinco de Miles 05/01/2016

2 May

The race temperature was around 50, perfect for singlet & gloves. The Sportplex is a fun race venue in Bedford with an INDOOR finish on soft turf, right through inflatable Millennium arch!!  Love it. I parked off site and the distance was ideal for my warm-up and I greeted other runners along the way.  Smooth number pick up and gorgeous ¼ zip long sleeve shirts!  Women’s small!

cinco mike

Old friend Mike Thompson


Saw many friends and even Dave Tyler and Lisa Hodge, who I hadn’t seen in years. I wore Newton “Distance” shoes (from 2012) because my ankle strength has been improving so much, I’m getting to re-introduce them. Embarrassingly, I haven’t been doing much running, no speed work, and instead of feeling ready to race, on the day prior to the race I seriously felt like the “Michelin Man” ugh!   Some runners are so driven, prepared, focused, lean — Garmins — ranking — win or die!! Conversely, I was laughing with a chick who said she was “running for tequila.”

Cinco DT

Dave Tyler, Lisa Hodge and finish behind us

I went through pre-race routine, tried to think positively and hey, I’m in this for the fun, friends, getting in a few miles, oh and some Muscle Milk.  We were off and I ditched my gloves ½ mile into the race. Around 1.5 miles on this out and back course, I saw John Mortimer driving the Millennium lead car while filming us racing!


The lead male was way ahead and friend Tammie Robie was running super for women. I couldn’t find an extra gear and didn’t feel like I was moving very fast… but at least Pat Bourgault was still in sight. A nice downhill towards the Sportplex and unlike last year, I knew where we entered.   I turned the final corner to view the gorgeous inflatable Millennium arch finish line!!!  I felt the soft turf underfoot, kicked with anything I had, and couldn’t believe the most incredibly enthusiastic, complimentary shout out from Jamie Staton (WMUR sports director)


indoor finish, soft turf, love the arch!!


Hit my watch, yah, wow, wow, wow!!  A “work campus” runner had heard my name in the generous shout-out and introduced herself. I loved talking with her and her Swedish boyfriend.   Coronas and Margaritas weren’t on my agenda, so I visited with a few more friends, grabbed Muscle Milk for later, two bites of Portland Pie pizza and did my warm-down.It was barely beginning to sprinkle… another fabulously done Millennium event, even the weather!!

On the way home, I was thrilled to accomplish a bunch of errands (smart cover for new Apple Air2!!!)

I didn’t check the results, but my thoughtful friend said I would have been 2nd in AG, if I were 2 weeks older…  I finally checked my results the next day 7:16,  22:33

cinco post race

Fabulous shirt! Margarita glass from last year’s race!

Millennium, Yule Light Up the Night – Final race (#17 of 17) in the Millennium Series!! December 13, 2015

21 Dec
Getting read to race

Getting read to race

Running in the dark on the race track with 2 million holiday lights!  I was so excited for this race, not just the total fun of this one, but extra special as the final race of the Millennium Series.  We worked hard this year – congratulations to everyone who ran!

Bib #20, yay!!

Got race #20, yay!!



In the morning, 6 of us did an easy 4 mile run/core together.  Since 4 of us were racing (Jim, Sal, Pat, me) we kept ourselves under control, but had a blast.

Race temperature was perfect for singlet, shorts, arm sleeves, gloves and I previewed the finish as part of my warm -up.   Hearing WMUR Jamie Staton’s voice, seeing lots of friends, people with their families, got to meet Jim’s daughter home from college in Oregon.   All good vibes.

A number of us who have raced together all year and track friends lined up near the front.   Greg, Jade, Aimee were off like bullets and even 6 year old Jack Mortimer and dad John Mortimer!  “Run in a straight line, Jack!”

Light Tunnel!!

Light Tunnel!!

Running through the tunnel with lights was so cool.

I tried to stay quick on the uphill and not let others pull too far ahead.   Greg and Aimee are so fast and I couldn’t even see Jade.   Somehow I managed to get by Greg & Aimee and tried to hold my focus.  I don’t remember going by Muriel, but afterwards she told me I got by her too on the hill and then I was able to keep ahead of her on the dark downhills.  I saw Jade ahead and I wasn’t sure if I should try to pass, because I wasn’t sure whether I could sustain this pace.  I leaned in and went harder.  Total zen running, flying in the dark down the hills.

Some lights

Some lights

When I recognized particular lights from my warm-up, I knew how much further on the course and as we entered some left/right cones, I saw two people running together (Erin & Jonathan Lehto) and felt a surge to beat them to the finish line.

The floodlights at the huge Millennium Arch & Andy Schacht’s voice, my feet were going so fast, I thought I’d trip over myself.   Over the line!!! Yay!!!! I felt like I had a very good run and fully appreciating that !!

I was anxious to check results on the big screens at the timing trailer.  Yay!! Won 2nd female (of 223) 14:20, 6:23 (course was a bit short) and I was so excited!!   Sharing the fun with awesome friends and chatting about our races, the excitement and Millennium “extras” like the bonfire, make your own smores, hot soup, hot chocolate, etc.   They think of everything.   I grabbed some Muscle Milk heading back to car and got to enjoy the drive through the Holiday Lights.  Good thing I had the Muscle Milk, the lights drive was longer than I remembered and I was feeling post-race bonky.

I had my glow necklaces, my award mug from placing, got through the Millennium Series of 17 races, driving through the lights, fun with friends – riding the high – cherishing every second!

LED lighted hat swag & 2nd place master mug!!

LED lighted hat swag & 2nd place master mug!!

14:20, 6:23 (~ 2.25M)  2nd female master

6th woman of 1,420 runners too!

Millennium Running, Holiday Hat Trick!

14 Dec

It was my second year doing the Millennium Running Holiday Hat Trick series!  It is so motivating & fun to have goal races this time of year and celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with runner friends!

Holiday Hat Trick Mugs!

Holiday Hat Trick Mugs!

Reverse side of mugs

Reverse side of mugs

Millennium Running, 3 mile Santa Claus Shuffle; 12/05/15.

14 Dec

How often do you get temperatures in the mid 50’s for racing in December?  What a gift of a day.   The 3:15 start time, right before Downtown Manchester’s holiday parade, meant tons of excitement on Elm Street.   Street closed, music and LOTS of Santas! Check out the Video and this great Aerial Video from race!   Race swag included a full santa suit for everyone.  Last year, I wore the suit (except pants) but this year it was way too warm, so with red & black Whirlaway colors, I didn’t look too out of place.   I did a long warm-up, then strides and lined up near Aimee, Greg, Jade.

santa race

Race pick-up was at the Radisson Expo Center

Race pick-up was at the Radisson Expo Center

There were fantastic details and things I saw quickly, but since I was focused on racing, it wasn’t until I saw the video that I remembered things like the cheerleaders.  The out and back course lets you see the phenomenal sea of red Santas, what a kick!

I ran hard and the finishing sprint down Elm Street was visually stunning with all the spectators and the finish near Veterans Park.  I was very happy to be 4th Female Master 21:38 (7:13) with some very fast ladies!!  Full results here. I had a bite of pizza and did a 10 minute warm down before meeting Tina (leading 50+ AG Division!) to celebrate and watch the parade from Thirsty Moose.  There were 9 post-race spots to choose from and I think we went to the busiest one!

Look at the Santas on Elm Street!

Look at the Santas on Elm Street!


This was our 3rd race of the Holiday Hat Trick Series and #16 of 17 in the Points Chase.  I managed to hold onto position as 1st Female Master, 3rd Female and moved up to 8th overall!


Santa suit, Hat Trick mug, yay, #33!

Santa suit, Hat Trick mug, yay, #33!

Millennium Running, Fisher Cats, Thanksgiving 5K 11.26.15

2 Dec
Fantastic stadium finish!

Fantastic stadium finish!

This was the 2nd race of the Holiday Hat trick and 15th race of the Millennium Point Chase series.

A few of us remembered the race last year after a snowstorm and a few days without electricity!  It made us especially thankful for today.  There were so many familiar faces, friends and camaraderie of being together.

All the details, well done

All the details, well done

I warmed up and checked out how the course was slightly different from last year.  The field was huge and seeing Whirlaway teammate Miae Jacobs and other fast runners as we lined up, I saw it was very competitive too.   The starting ceremony was, as always, well done with the mayor of Manchester, live national anthem, Jamie Staton from WMUR and pace marked starting corral.

We were off and my legs weren’t feeling particularly quick – maybe from the hilly, fast group run and spin class earlier this week.   I tried to catch Greg, then focus on other targets.  Running through the mill area is beautifully familiar.  Pushing hard, the painful challenge of this distance, looking forward to the mile markers.   Around 2 miles, I felt like I could throw up… keep pushing!   Up a slight incline and around the back of the stadium to the field, yay!!! Gorgeous!!  It was so much fun to be running inside the stadium to the finish line.  I eyed the clock, it was near 22:00 and I finished strong.

Stadium, finish in sight! (note, cashmere gloves AND Goretex mittens)

Stadium, finish in sight! (note, cashmere gloves AND Goretex mittens)

Going up the stairs to the concourse reminded me of the stadium finish at Bay State Marathon.  It was a good set-up.   Using the concession windows for number pick-up and shirts – everything visible and not congested.  I looked across the field and saw that the jumbotron screen had runners finishing – very cool detail!  Some other fun details were the Holiday Hat Trick mug (nice weight and color), also the woman’s fit shirt, plus opening day Fisher Cats baseballs tickets.  I wish I had a chance to use mine last year. bib

I talked with friends afterwards, a couple who had PR races, gathered Stonyfield yogurt tube, banana into a nice canvas tote.   For warm down, I totally dug getting to nostalgically run across the Merrimack River on the wooden foot bridge near the metal cow sculpture.  Lots on training runs and 2 marathon finishes coming over that bridge!

Results – 22:04  7:07 pace, I’ll take it!   (Would have been 3rd senior – soon!)

Warm down ! Crossing Merrimack river

Warm down ! Crossing Merrimack river


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