Yule Light up the Night, Millennium Running – December 10, 2017

14 Dec

2.1 miles through 2 million Christmas lights. 4:30 PM Snowy, icy track – fun! Grateful for Podium Day 2/131 AG!!

Last race of NEDD Points Chase Series, Race #17 of 17!!


My fourth opportunity to enjoy this race. (Previous race reports  2015  2016.)  Nighttime, 2.1 miles through NH’s largest holiday lights display on the NH Motor Speedway grounds, Loudon.   Super festive way to finish NEDD Points Chase Series!!   Thanks John Mortimer and Millennium Running crew for another fantastic event.  From snowfall the day prior, the track was icy/snowy in some spots.   It slowed me down a bit, so I “got my money’s worth” seeing the lights this year!

Official charity was Speedway Children’s Charities… over $250,000 to local youth organizations.

Per email about parking, I arrived by 3:15 for 4:30 start, followed email instructions to enter the property via the South Entrance.   NHMS loaded two lots simultaneously to improve efficiency and parking arrival times.   Then we also egressed simultaneously for a smooth, quick exit through North Entrance, via a dedicated egress route and Loudon & Canterbury Police.

Easy parking

I picked up bib number 4 (I must have registered way early!) and my lighted (LED) running tech hat and enjoyed the bonfire to keep warm. Wearing new Whirlaway winter hat (with ponytail hole) and trying brand new Swedish mittens, Ojbro Vantfabrik Karg (I love their yellow and red triangle warning displayed on the mittens: “Varning Varma Vantar” Translation: “Warning Warm Mittens”

New mitten warning label

During warm up my Newton shoes felt a bit slippery with the icy conditions, OK… this will be interesting and wiping out would be a drag. Super to connect with friends before the race… chilly removing a pair of warm Sporthill pants and two of my jackets… at least the chilliness kept me motivated to keep moving!!  No dilly dally today!  I lined up close towards the front and was super pleased my new Whirly hat was warm.    Preparing and ready for start and we were off and soon under the first lighted tunnel… yay!  I was pushing, but speed reduced with the conditions… I was able to enjoy the lights much more than past 3 years… bonus!   Up a bit of incline and I saw Greg Audet ahead, I tried to catch up, watch the for footing… added to the darkness, making it extra fun.  I rounded the turn towards the final straightaway and finish line, hearing professional announcer Andy Schachat’s voice.  The finish in sight, Andy’s generous, enthusiastic words made me feel like a super runner, “Sarah Prescott, one of the most iconic figures the NH running scene has ever produced” very special.    YAY!!!  Finish video

Kick to finish line

I checked in with friends about postrace celebration and put on a warm jacket.   Apparently, the cold temps were causing some trouble with the results screens, so the line at printout results was pretty long.   Grabbed Dasani water and there was also Powerade, fruit, Stonyfield yogurt, hot soup from Somerset Grille.

Grateful for Podium Day 2/131 AG, Cherishing all the great friends and fun!

All of the Millennium Running crew did a fantastic job as always, helpful and kind, despite being outdoors in the cold for hours.  Registration coordinator, Nancy Peabody, is always awesome… checked the printout and wow, surprised me… holy cow, I got super lucky with a Podium Day!!  Feeling very, very grateful – so lucky for all the great people, friends, camaraderie, feeling healthy… savoring our race day experiences and feeling of accomplishment!!

Postrace. iPhone eclipse. Greg’s 50th consecutive Points Chase race!!

Back to the car and zoom, traffic was moving for a really easy exit – so fast that I only got one leg into my warm Sporthill pants while I was driving towards the North exit… funny!  I headed to the postrace celebration, meeting up with the large group at Buffalo Wild Wings… we did it… concluding the Millennium Race Series… 17 of 17 Points Chase Series Races for me for 2017!!!  That gives me a three year consecutive streak of doing every Points Chase Series race!!    Everyone was pleased with great accomplishments all around!!

NEDD Points Chase Age Group winner pose: Dave Audet, me, Tom Raffio


NEDD Points Chase Age Group winners,
Dave Audet, Mark LaPrade, Tom Raffio, Michael Popham, me

Millennium and sponsor, Gentle Dental, provided free digital race photos emailed a few days later, part of the awesome attention to detail – we are treated so well!!! Plus we received the video of finish line.



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