BASC Santa Claus Shuffle, December 2, 2017

6 Dec

2/172 in AG, Age Grade time 18:60, 73%  (22:20)

20th “podium” in this AG

2017 Northeast Delta Dental Points Chase, Millennium Running Series Race #16 of 17 races


Visit with super fast Santa, friend Eric Eastman

Saturday afternoon, 3:15, Elm Street, downtown Manchester.   Imagine 1700 Santas all racing through the center of Manchester… crowds, parade participants & even floats ready to follow the race!!!  Mayor, music, great weather!!

The race expo was in Radisson hotel and I enjoyed seeing the Apple Therapy table and even got to use an awesome Trigger Point Grid roller and chat about Euflexxa knee injections.   Also, Orange Theory had drawstring spike bags for us too!


Millennium Running founder, John Mortimer!! The suit is a hoot!!

John Mortimer’s holiday suit was such a hoot!!  I enjoyed chatting with Ellen Raffio during warm-up.  The race venue,  start and finish line inflatable black & white arch are so professional and exciting.   Pre-race nerves.   Checking in with friends, some of us attempting to do the entire series of 17 races!!  Runners are such a great, supportive, positive, upbeat group.   Munched on some banana, put on warm gloves & hand warmers and prepared to line up.   I love the countdown clock to race start, brilliant!!   Millennium Running is always incredibly professional and top rate, John Mortimer and the Millennium crew do it right and always impress me.

Live national anthem, mayor, filmed for WMUR TV, a sea of 1700 red suited Santas ready to fly down Elm Street!!  We were off!!   Having fun, keep it going!   I saw friend, Greg Audet, ahead.   Since it is an out & back course, John Mortimer and the lead vehicle shouted out & cheered us, there were the male & female leaders!!

Through the neighborhood loop and back on Elm Street to see all the other runners too!  Fun seeing parade floats, firefighters ready for the parade, kids lining the course.  Bridge Street intersection, Hanover Street, keep it going… stay strong… looking for that finish line, keep strong!!  I could hear announcer Andy Schachat and I pushed closer towards the finish line and timing clock coming into view. 

Andy gave an awesomely generous, enthusiastic & kind shout out, “the iconic and legendary Sarah Prescott running again to the finish line of a Millennium event!!!” I came in and over the line, whew!  Wooooooo!!!  Done!!!  (finish video, I’m around 6:35)

Superfast friend Pat Bourgault was ahead of me and said hello.  I grabbed a water and circled back to my car for a jacket, saw Dave Audet, Bud… Portland Pie Pizza, organic fruit, Muscle Milk Bars, Stonyfield Yogurt… I offered Beth Connolly my beer ticket.  I stopped by the results timing trailer before the line got too long and hugely grateful for a Podium Day!!

Very grateful for a “Podium Day” it never gets old… cherishing being able to do this with friends & fun!!  2/172 in AG

Very, very cool to see that on the screen.  I feel very lucky right now and I know my luck will run out quickly, so cherishing it tremendously.  And today, if I figured correctly, this was 20th “Podium Day” since I aged up to this Age Group.  It’s a big deal for me… never gets old… I feel very, very grateful to experience it.  

Dave Audet must have a room devoted to awards!


BASC Santa Shuffle, bib, award, new Whirlaway singlet


I need to remind myself not to get so jammed up my “time” and remember some of the awesome advice from Jonathan Beverly’s book, Run Strong, Stay Hungry – read, reread, repeat…  



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