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05.07.2017 Millennium Running, Members First Credit Union – Cinco de Miles

10 May

May 7, 2017, Millennium Running, Members First Credit Union – Cinco de Miles.   The race sold out, 2000 runners were expected.

Very grateful for a podium day!!!   2/215 AG      73.05% age grade     23:12

Cinco de Miles

Saturday, I drove the course & picked up number at Millennium retail store.   I eyed some cool Oofos “recovery” sandals at the store… OOlala. They were motivation to race hard and hope for a podium placement for a Millennium gift certificate towards buying them!

My third Cinco de Miles and this year a new course, started at Bedford High School, finishing at Shorty’s Mexican Roadhouse.   The roads reminded me of racing USATF-NE 20K and 12K Championship races.   9:30 a.m. start.   Perfect racing weather and gorgeous time of year, chartreuse and lots blooming.   Still taping both feet for posterior tibial tendinitis, not much training, no speed workouts – no expectations.   Warming up on the track, ahhhh, I’ve felt this fantastic track before!

I haven’t raced with my shuffle in a while, but it worked out well.   Lined up with my friends a few rows back for a few fist bumps, national anthem, and unexpected sprint by Mort to the lead vehicle, and we were off!!!    Down the hill & right.     The course support was super, hearing the marching band, football team water stop, cheerleaders.   Right turn onto Wallace and anticipating the incline which somehow didn’t feel as taxing as I expected – maybe I went out properly.   Seeing the right turn onto 101, here it comes, then I tried a hard kick for final turn but got jammed behind some dude – dang!!!!   Go with whatever I can and over the finish line!!! Fabulous hearing a shout-out from professional announcer Andy Schachat!!

Some post-run stretching and to Millennium’s timing trailer TV screens to see holy cow, yay, a podium day!!!! 2/215!!!!    I am very, very lucky being young in my age group right now – totally cherishing it!!    Woooo, the Millennium gift certificate for an award, yes!!!   Can’t wait to get those Oofos recovery sandals at the Millennium store… are they open yet?!?!   Which color should I get?!?!?   The hard effort towards winning them makes it even sweeter!!   Plus, a Millennium Running margarita glass to celebrate!  The following Saturday, I also received a Shorty’s gift card – wow

Up some pretty steps behind the restaurant was a beautiful grassy area with a patio, outdoor seating and the bartender trying to entice me with a margarita.   The live band starting to rock.

Race numbers, 1/4 zip up long sleeve tech shirt (my 3rd Cinco! Each a different color)

Millennium Running gave us ¼ zip up long sleeve tech shirt, womens size!   Plus two (2) tear off drink tickets, one for Corona beer and one Don Julio Margarita!   Rustic crust flatbread pizza, Stonyfield yogurt, Muscle Milk.   John Mortimer and Millennium crew does a super job with the attention to detail, professionalism, innovative ideas.   Chatted with Jen Mortimer and walked back to the high school for car with Dave Audet, lamenting the challenge to motivate ourselves to train sometimes.   I’m so thankful for the opportunity to do this and the fabulous positive friends, health, experiences & overcoming challenges.

Very grateful for Podium Day

I phoned my dad at the hospital before the race, he’d been here in Bedford for some of my races over the years.   After the race I stopped by the hospital, still in my Whirlaway uniform, race number, sunglasses, podium jacket, and he wanted to hear how my race went & tell the doctor about the races I’d done.    After that, I put in 5 hours of gardening/yardwork (we have a team “activity challenge” at work – me, competitive?!)   Finally settling down around 8:30 after a fabulous day… living the dream

1/4 zip up long sleeve tech shirt (womens size!) Award, Oofos, celebrate!!


Oofos running recovery sandals!! Motivated me to race a bit harder!! Women’s OOlala Sandal


New Oofos Women’s OOlala Sandal


Not my best shot, weird leg angle



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