3rd Millennium Running “Traveler Beer New England Half Marathon” 10.23.16

31 Oct

Fabulously fun day.   Maybe it helped to have no expectations except to “just get through.”  The hip injury I’ve had since August, moved from the left to the right side, so I’ve had weekly dry needling & Graston, very little running and lots of biking.   This would be the furthest I’d run since this race last year, uh oh!

My friends and I train on part of the course.   It feels familiar.   Beautiful too – the race is described as “a unique point to point course starting at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway and running scenic country roads to finish at the New Hampshire State House.”   Shaker Road is wonderful and there is tremendous gratification kicking the final straightaway down Main Street towards the gold domed capitol.   When I am biking high on Oak Hill, I look down for the bright gold capitol — dang that looks FAR from start!! dome

9:30 race kick-off and extra logistics for point-to-point race.   Like last year, Jim and I left his car at the finish and brought my car to the NHMS

New Hampshire Motor Speedway, start

New Hampshire Motor Speedway, start

The wind made it feel cold – I pulled on my Sauce race hat and put hand warmers in my gloves.

Training partner Jim

Training partner Jim

We took off through the gate and Route 106 seemed to have a headwind – looking forward to the turn!   Jim pulled ahead after a few miles – running strong even with an ankle injury.    The miles seemed to go by pretty quickly, although I was definitely working hard.   My limited training meant I really had to “dig deep” and in many ways felt like I was running a marathon.

Smile or grimace?

Smile or grimace?

There was great support and camaraderie – so many awesome running friends out there together!   Pat, Jim, Ellen, Tom, Sal, Greg, Aimee, Tom, Ellen, Kevin, Muriel, Jules, Ed, Eric, and more.   As always, John Mortimer and Millennium Running crew did a fantastic job.   Their attention to detail, professionalism, and innovation is so impressive.   Swag included full-zip fleece jackets – same manufacturer, color & style as last year, different embroidery (unfortunately no x-s size) Also, I love the free race photos!   We are treated to quick results at the timing trailer and more that I even remember or think to mention!

Working with these speedy ladies for strong finish

Working with these speedy ladies for strong finish

Fun extras like the live music, finisher medals, beer tickets for several Concord spots.   Friends Ellen & Tom Raffio, Pat Bourgault, Jim Monahan and I gathered postrace at True Brew and shared stories about our day, great stuff!

Ellen Raffio, Jim Monahan, me, Pat Bourgault, Tom Raffio

Ellen Raffio, Jim Monahan, me, Pat Bourgault, Tom Raffio (newlyweds 2 weeks!)

Such a fabulous, memorable day in so many ways and I feel incredibly grateful to be able to enjoy this sort of camaraderie, fun, friendships and healthy endorphin boosting activity.   I’ve been working on keeping my perspective and appreciate one particular bit of advice from an elite runner who said “unless you are the current world record holder, there is always someone out there faster.”  Somehow this helped me feel less jammed up about my pace, comparing, etc.   See if I can keep my head in good perspective.


Interestingly, my finish time was 27 seconds faster than last year  despite limited training of very little running, but lots of road biking

results  1:47:47 8:14

8/172 (a NH Grand Prix race, there were some fast women out there!)  Congratulations to everyone who raced!!!



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