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Millennium Running – Boot Scootin’ Boogie 5K, Londonderry NH July 23, 2016

2 Aug


Boot Scoot

“Boots” Boot Scootin Boogie

Congratulations to everyone who participated and thank you for a great night Millennium Running!

“Boots” was another fabulously innovative, incredibly professional event from John Mortimer and Millennium. Everyone seemed to have a blast and the tough weather early on just made it more memorable! Plus it showed the resourcefulness and resilience of the athletes and Millennium crew.

The 2nd year of this country themed, evening race –  part of NH Grand Prix (club road running series) AND double miles for Elliot Millennium Series – so extra competitive!  With my lack of training, knee problems and the high level of competition, I tried not to have huge expectations.  Rather, I try to look at the positives, cherish the running “journey” and all the great, fit, determined athletes – together for the challenge & celebration.


country music

Taste of Nashville country music tour concert


Driving to the race I stopped at Dunkins’ for iced black coffee, hoping caffeine would give me a jolt, and noticed the weather was ominous. When I arrived at Londonderry High School and parked in a dirt lot near a baseball field, the wind was howling. It looked like a dust storm and baseball players were running towards their cars.   I thought of Cape Cod Marathon, October 2012 (Hurricane Sandy weekend).   As I ran towards registration and warm-up, Mike Thompson was removing the starting line… huh?!! WMUR Sports Director Jamie Staton (WMUR Sports Director) said registration, tents, everything was being taken down because of a thunderstorm warning, but they would be producing the race and it would kick off at 8pm.

The storm was quick moving and people were being asked to seek shelter until the storm passed, so Mike & Jamie said I could get in the truck. I still wanted to do a warm up, but heard tree limbs were down all over the area.

After it passed, everything came together incredibly rapidly and we lined up to start with a rainbow behind us!


Race number, wrist band to access post race concert, beer garden, bonfire, mechanical bull, etc. Swag cowboy hat to all participants

We were off!!!  It’s a fast downhill start.  I did my best to just keep pushing.   Friends Ellen, Greg, Jade were ahead of me.   It wasn’t until the last long uphill 3rd mile that I got near Jade.  She’s a super fit athlete, incredible competitor and leading the Millennium women’s Points Standings.  Jade pushed me hard to not lose her during the race.   Up the final part, meter by meter, relentless.

We turned the last left with finish line in sight, hearing Andy Schachat’s shout out… I threw in a kick… somehow Jade didn’t come… wow, I got lucky.  Did I mention Jade is leading the Millennium women’s Points Standings?!?  She’s an amazing runner.

It was a “hurl inspiring” finish.   I kept walking around for a few minutes, ready to barf!!!  John Mortimer asked if I was OK.   Jade said she did throw up. We must have pushed pretty hard!  Friend Tammie Robie, 3rd F, said it was that way for her too!

Jade, Steven

Jade Potts, me, Steven Krejckant – post race, check out Steven’s cow bell medal

Post race was a country music concert, mechanical bull, beer garden, food vendors, huge bonfire and people wearing their race cowboy hats. Runners loved the Yasso frozen yogurt bars – I tasted mint chip, but my stomach wasn’t ready for food.   Visited with Ellen Tidd & Tom Raffio, Audet’s, Jade & Steven and gave away my Sam Adam’s Summer beer.



Athletes headed to field, huge bonfire!

I started having post race bonkiness and it was getting late for me.   I needed to put something in my system quickly, fortunately there were some bananas left over and grabbed a few small slices of Portland Pie pizza as I walked back to the car.

I tried to not be too bummed about my time and not compare to where I was a few years ago.  I also tend to get down on myself often by comparing myself to others.  I need to stop my automatic thoughts and remind myself to follow the better way of looking at things.   Perspective, Sarah!!!!!  I gotta remember!!  I have so much to feel grateful about – thank you wonderful running friends who I treasure –  we keep getting it done!!  Appreciate the accomplishments, participate in the fun and thank God I am still able to do this!

 Results   23:17  7:30 pace  Kick time: :49 last 200 (7:22)

5th of 93 in AG 


yellow bib

Millennium Running Points Chase  – “maillot jaune” leader yellow jersey


Post race – Jamie Staton setting up for selfie

WMUR Sports Director Jamie Staton - post race.

WMUR Sports Director Jamie Staton – post race.


Millennium Running CEO, Founder John Mortimer; Delta Dental, race sponsor, CEO Tom Raffio; Senator Kelly Ayotte; Ellen Tidd (Tom’s fiancé) – twins Kelly & Ellen!

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