Millennium Running, Ribfest 5 mile, Merrimack – 06.19.2016

21 Jun


Third year and my 3rd Ribfest 5 mile, Anheuser Bush facility in Merrimack.  1403 registered runners.  This was part of a huge 3 day BBQ competition with live bands, booths, food vendors, kids race.   Last year it was a NH Championship (pouring rain) and the year prior it was a USATF-NE Grand Prix 5 mile Championship so this always draws fast, competitive runners.

Similar to last year, travelled with NHTI coach Perry Seagroves. Offsite parking at BAE guarantees warm up, warm down. Forecast was hot for the day (90’s)  9:00 a.m. start, I’d been hydrating for a few hours.

Inflatable arch

Inflatable arch

Like all Millennium events, everything was so professional with tremendous attention to detail. Plus this year had innovative tie-ins to the event, like BBQ apron (instead of race shirt) and BBQ wood-handled grill tool spatula awarded to top 50 Age Grade winners!  (My secret goal was to win an Age Grade BBQ grill tool)

We also received event entry & 2 free beers coupons, although I’ve never felt up for it post-race.

After stretches, strides, national anthem, we were off for the uphill start and ½ mile in, my quads wondered about that speed on treadmill the day before the race. Well, this was going to hurt, so be tough!  I tried to keep up with friends Ellen & Greg, which meant going out fast for me.   By two miles, I had inched ahead of them, but wasn’t sure how my legs were going to keep going for 3 more miles.   I felt like I was slowing in the 2nd-3rd miles.  Pat Bourgault came by me, but I couldn’t go any faster.   I saw Perry ahead (shorts on backwards, NHTI logo on the back!)   At 4 miles (wishing it was 5) I told myself “4 more laps on the track”   Form, mental focus.  Finally, taking the left turn downhill.  Look up for the huge black & white inflatable arch & clock, strong through the final, hearing Andy Schachat’s voice with a generously kind shout out… over the finish line!!!!!   I grabbed a water, spent – racing hurts.


Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

With Whirlaway teammate & race winner Ruben Sanca

With Whirlaway teammate & race winner Ruben Sanca

Checked timing trailer for results, but it wasn’t showing AG, I knew at least 2 were in front of me. After a quick trip to the car, went back and found out YAY!!!  I was 19th in Age Grade awards!!!!  The BBQ wood-handled grill tool spatula!!!! PLUS we got gift certificates for Millennium store too!!!!  When I got home, I checked full results and found out I was 3rd in AG, whew, I got lucky today with strong competition.  Podium.

Coveted Age Grade award BBQ wooden handle grill tool!! BBQ apron, gift cert to Millennium store

Coveted Age Grade award BBQ wooden handle grill tool!! BBQ apron, gift cert to Millennium store


38:28 (10 seconds faster than last year)

3 of 124 in Age Group – podium day

19th Age Grade [34.09]

1403 registered runners

Points Standings Update  3rd female overall


3 Responses to “Millennium Running, Ribfest 5 mile, Merrimack – 06.19.2016”

  1. William @ Runnerlight July 18, 2016 at 2:42 am #

    Awesome! It is so good when your achievement is better than last year. I am also a runner and i congratulate to you ^^

    • runnersarah July 18, 2016 at 10:59 am #

      Thanks for your kind comment, William. Great to hear you are also a runner! Any goal races in your future?

      • William @ Runnerlight July 19, 2016 at 12:46 am #

        I am training to join marathon Boston in the next year! Every week, i try to run at least 55 miles, along with some workouts. ^^

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