Millennium, Yule Light Up the Night – Final race (#17 of 17) in the Millennium Series!! December 13, 2015

21 Dec
Getting read to race

Getting read to race

Running in the dark on the race track with 2 million holiday lights!  I was so excited for this race, not just the total fun of this one, but extra special as the final race of the Millennium Series.  We worked hard this year – congratulations to everyone who ran!

Bib #20, yay!!

Got race #20, yay!!



In the morning, 6 of us did an easy 4 mile run/core together.  Since 4 of us were racing (Jim, Sal, Pat, me) we kept ourselves under control, but had a blast.

Race temperature was perfect for singlet, shorts, arm sleeves, gloves and I previewed the finish as part of my warm -up.   Hearing WMUR Jamie Staton’s voice, seeing lots of friends, people with their families, got to meet Jim’s daughter home from college in Oregon.   All good vibes.

A number of us who have raced together all year and track friends lined up near the front.   Greg, Jade, Aimee were off like bullets and even 6 year old Jack Mortimer and dad John Mortimer!  “Run in a straight line, Jack!”

Light Tunnel!!

Light Tunnel!!

Running through the tunnel with lights was so cool.

I tried to stay quick on the uphill and not let others pull too far ahead.   Greg and Aimee are so fast and I couldn’t even see Jade.   Somehow I managed to get by Greg & Aimee and tried to hold my focus.  I don’t remember going by Muriel, but afterwards she told me I got by her too on the hill and then I was able to keep ahead of her on the dark downhills.  I saw Jade ahead and I wasn’t sure if I should try to pass, because I wasn’t sure whether I could sustain this pace.  I leaned in and went harder.  Total zen running, flying in the dark down the hills.

Some lights

Some lights

When I recognized particular lights from my warm-up, I knew how much further on the course and as we entered some left/right cones, I saw two people running together (Erin & Jonathan Lehto) and felt a surge to beat them to the finish line.

The floodlights at the huge Millennium Arch & Andy Schacht’s voice, my feet were going so fast, I thought I’d trip over myself.   Over the line!!! Yay!!!! I felt like I had a very good run and fully appreciating that !!

I was anxious to check results on the big screens at the timing trailer.  Yay!! Won 2nd female (of 223) 14:20, 6:23 (course was a bit short) and I was so excited!!   Sharing the fun with awesome friends and chatting about our races, the excitement and Millennium “extras” like the bonfire, make your own smores, hot soup, hot chocolate, etc.   They think of everything.   I grabbed some Muscle Milk heading back to car and got to enjoy the drive through the Holiday Lights.  Good thing I had the Muscle Milk, the lights drive was longer than I remembered and I was feeling post-race bonky.

I had my glow necklaces, my award mug from placing, got through the Millennium Series of 17 races, driving through the lights, fun with friends – riding the high – cherishing every second!

LED lighted hat swag & 2nd place master mug!!

LED lighted hat swag & 2nd place master mug!!

14:20, 6:23 (~ 2.25M)  2nd female master

6th woman of 1,420 runners too!


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