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Daylily photos

31 Jul
reminds me of a pinwheel

Perhaps: EXOTIC DANCER (Webster) 28″, D., M., 7 1/2″ (T) Wine-purple flower with green throat. Fragrant and nocturnal. Extended bloomer. Very Limited.

I read that you can add the flowers of daylily to salads that you’re going to eat the same day and Italian and Chinese cooks dip the flowers in batter and deep-fry them.

And I am pretty sure my grandmother ‘Nonie’ was scolded by a neighbor for picking their daylilies for eating!!


Waiting to bloom, Hemerocallis ‘Kwanso'(AKA H. fulva flore pleno, ‘Kwanzo’) Pronunciation: hem-er-oh-KAL-iss. Shade garden urn in background with white impatiens


Perhaps: BUTTERED POPCORN (Benzinger) 32″, D., E.M., 6″ (T) This time-tested butter yellow daylily is a real beauty, especially in a clump. A consistent rebloomer with excellent bud count gives this nocturnal a long season. Fragrant. With “CATHERINE WOODBURY” in background


More daylily photos – front garden, July 2015

30 Jul
Daylily, front garden

Perhaps: “BARBARA MITCHELL” (Pierce) 20″, S.Ev., M., 6″ Popular pink with wide, softly ruffled, recurved light pink petals and green throat. Reblooms. H.M., A.M., and Stout Medal Awards.

Daylily, front garden

Perhaps: “PRAIRIE SUNSET” (Wild 36″, D., E.M., 5″) Tall yellow daylily with pink midribs. Limited.

Link to some other daylily varieties

Catherine Woodbury daylily

CATHERINE WOODBERY (Childs) 30″, D., M.L., 6″ Popular, top flight, pastel orchid blend. Fragrant. Truly beautiful extended blooming. A.M. and H.M. Awards.


Perhaps: “ICE CARNIVAL” (Childs) 28″, D, M., 6″ This fluted, near white has diamond dusting and small green throat. Good substance and light fragrance. Reblooms. H.M. and A.M. Awards. Limited.

Millennium Running, Boot Scootin’ Boogie, July 25, 2015 7:30 p.m.

28 Jul
boot scoot

Millennium Running, Boot Scoot

cowboy hat, concert writband, race numer

Every runner got a cowboy hat, entrance to concert, beer ticket

Thankful for a friend’s pre-race reconnaissance, I realized this race started out down the hill in the other direction as Millennium Mile’s New Year’s Day race…. then a neighborhood loop… then finish going back up the hill.   Race parking was at the school and a quick warm-up walk to the Londonderry athletic fields.



On July 3rd we raced at 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., this was a 7:30 p.m. start.  At number pick-up, we received cowboy hats and wristbands for the concert.   I don’t think I’ve ever worn a cowboy hat, and with a couple pins on the inside band, it can fit me as a gardening hat!

These days I don’t get too keyed up about racing, and I ho-hum through warming up about 20 minutes and some dynamic stretches.  Lined up at the start, pre-race instructions, national anthem and we all waved at the drone filming overhead as I adjusted my shoelaces about 20 times.  Ellen and Greg go out much quicker than me, so I spent the next mile trying to catch them.   Running through the neighborhoods, a lot of people were out in lawn chairs, some with coolers, making a party of it and encouraging us.  It reminded me of another July evening race, Yankee Homecoming in Newburyport, MA.   I tried to keep strong on the uphill headed towards the finish and appreciated WMUR sportscaster Jamie Staton yelling “go Whirlaway” as I continued up.  I did what I could for a kick with Andy Schachat giving me a shoutout at that most welcome sight… finish line, whew!!  I knew there were some female masters ahead of me and went to the big timing monitors to check my results… 4th master (of 231) 22:23!  Very grateful for just being able to do this with fabulous people on a gorgeous summer night and very pleased about my finish since I’ve done no speedwork and minimal training… Yay!!

Ellen and I went back to our cars, I grabbed Whirlaway Ironrunner sweatshirt and we went to check out the bonfire & concert.  Showing our wristbands, it was like walking into a real concert venue and in the distance we saw smoke which looked like part of a stage show.  The smoke was actually a HUGE bonfire on the infield with Londonderry firefighters right nearby.

Huge bonfire

Huge bonfire

Although the beer lines seemed pretty long, Greg Audet, Ellen and I stood together visiting, so it was enjoyable time well spent.  There were other vendors on the field. like ice cream, Panini, a mechanical bull and the stage.  If I were a country music fan, it would have been ideal, but that music unfortunately isn’t my taste.   After awards, the headlining band came on and we stayed for maybe the first song, walking back to the cars around 9:30 ish.

Race results  4th master (of 231)  yay!!

Watch this great Video from race

with Ellen (Carr) Tidd

with Ellen (Carr) Tidd

accidental photo

Daylily “Hemerocallis”

28 Jul
front garden, strong bloomer

Perhaps: “CHILD BRIDE” (Warner) 18″, D., E., 3 1/2″ (T) Bright orange-yellow flower of medium size. Unique feature is fantastic branching producing a mass of blooms. Reblooms. Very limited.

Hemerocallis (Daylilies)

From White Flower Farm description: “Hemerocallis is a genus of hardy, long-lived perennials related to Lilies. Each plant produces several flower stalks with up to a dozen buds. The buds open in series, but a flower lasts only a day, giving the plant its common name, Daylily. By growing different varieties, you can enjoy blooms from mid-June until frost in a rainbow of colors (except blue). Daylilies grow vigorously, help suppress weeds, and are generally free from pests and disease. They thrive in full sun or light shade and tolerate many types of soil.”

Around mid-late 1990’s, I planted White Flower Farm’s mixture of yellow daylilies… “different varieties selected by us from award-winning, reblooming, and fragrant varieties. These vigorous, hardy perennials will settle in quickly and prosper in average, well-drained soil with at least a half day of sun.”   I collaborated the bed with Daffodils for spring.  The varieties bloom at slightly different times, so each day you go out and see if another type has blossomed. The daylilies then hide the daffodil foliage and completely take over during July and August

back garden

Perhaps: “ADELA” (Griesbach-Hardy) 26″, D., E., 6″ (T) Lovely melon flower with pink tones that glows all day. Reblooms. H.M. Award.


Another shot of “Adela” – back garden

Millennium 5K & Mile – DOUBLE! July 3, 2015

10 Jul
Millennium finish line

Millennium Finish Line

A beautiful summer Friday holiday and the nerves, uncertainty, anticipation of racing fast, TWICE!  I’d never done a double race this close to each other (an hour difference) and never raced this late at night before ( 7 & 8 PM).  The logistics were beyond smooth, easy number pick-up at Derryfield Park, easy parking right near the Pulaski Park finish.  A few of us walked the mile up Bridge Street as warm up, but were totally low key… more like, what did we get ourselves into?


Can you find me? Whirlaway red & black !

5K @ 7:00 PM – fast downhill start then off into neighborhoods, winding our way back up towards Derryfield Park.  Recognizing parts from Manchester Marathon as I tried to reel in Ellen Tidd and Jim Monahan.  The relief at getting to Derryfield Park for some downhill, then the ugh, flattening last 1/4+ mile.  Andy Schachat was announcing and gave me a spectacular shout out and the Millennium finish is always so visible.  My time seemed quick on this great fast course.  My results on the screen showed a podium finish, 3rd female master!!   22:09, yay!!!  Wow, wow!!  I connected with friends and we walked the mile up Bridge Street… again.

Postrace Wild Rover, Jim Monahan toast!

Postrace at Wild Rover. Celebration toast, Jim Monahan

1 mile @ 8:00 PM – not knowing what to expect for a “double”, I set a modest goal and after national anthem, GO! I focused for quick turnover.  Ellen is so fast, I blink and can’t even see her.  I was actually having a blast, I love downhills.  Wondering if my calves/knees/lungs would continue hanging in OK, I reeled in Ellen and ran hard.  Friends were cheering on the side of the road and we closed in towards that fantastic finish.  I heard race announcer Andy Schacht say something like, here comes one of NH’s most prolific female runners, or something really nice & complimentary like that, I eyed the clock, just over 6:00 minutes and was psyched.  What fun!!!  I’ve only done one other mile race, so this was a PR at 6:08, also finished in top 5 of female masters.  Friends gathered and shared race stories and hung out for awards.   Our bibs had beer tickets for Wild Rover, so we checked it out and stayed around for start of fireworks at 9:30.

Good pre-race video:  WMUR press about race

5K results

One mile results

Previous videos:  2012 video regarding race and 2014 video regarding race

Millennium Points Chase:  Points Standings Link


People lined Bridge Street

People lined Bridge Street

4K on the 4th, Concord NH July 5, 2015

6 Jul

We were really excited to set some records!!

Talking with friends at Friday night Millennium races, I put an idea in the back of my mind about this race I had last done in 2010.    I’m hardly training and have stepped way back from running, so the prospect of putting myself out there in a race is not at the front of my planning.    That makes it all the more a gift when things go so unbelievably really, really better than you could have dreamt.   Although I raced twice Friday night… what?!?!? Yes, as part of the Millennium Race Series… I opted for a knucklehead move to do a 3rd race this weekend.

My big goal was a state age record.  I set one here in 2010 and thought about all the things which could go wrong like running off course (part of the course is grass perimeter and trails), my lack of training, etc.   When I saw Jade Potts show up, I knew my chances of 1st master were down, ohhh the pint glass!!  I hoped I could at least keep competitive runners Kathy Baril & Pat Bourgault not too far out.   We were off!  Grass, roads, grass…  looking for cones and hoping not to wipe out on wet grass…  onto trails, I had Jade within sight.  I hung behind her a bit and my legs were feeling OK on the trails.  I knew if I passed Jade, I’d have to keep strong and try not to “redline.”  I took a chance and went by, never daring to look back.   Then on roads briefly where I tried to increase my turnover,  hoping for a few extra seconds before finishing on grass.   As I gave a final kick, I was thrilled to see 18:__ on the clock and wooo hooo, state age record!!  After a couple breaths, I circled back toward the timer.  He said I was 2nd female… no way, how’d I do that!?!  Wow, really, are you sure!?!

4K age records

Awards were extra special, as us friends cheered for each other… age record setters and pint glasses!

For a warm-down, Jim, Pat and I had lots of fun heading to Main & Pleasant Street, 4 miles (past NH State Champion Sycamore tree)   I was still flying with adrenaline after I got home, so I tacked on 2 more miles before shower & Uncanoonuc Perennials with Lori!  Actually, I was still flying until 5:00 PM… a little slowing… and picked up a small piece of exquisite bluefin tuna to celebrate!!!
4K On The 4th
Concord, New Hampshire – July 5, 2014

********** FEMALE OVERALL RESULTS ***********
1 JESS CORRIVEAU       16 MILTON          NH   17:49
2 SARAH PRESCOTT       49 CONCORD         NH   18:24
3 JADE POTTS           40 MANCHESTER      NH   18:45

Results 4K on the 4th, NHTI

SARAH PRESCOTT       49 CONCORD            NH   18:24
New record.  Old record 24:27 by Michele Bartlett in 2011

NH State Records 4K

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