Running – November and December 2014

30 Dec


November 2, 2014 – Manchester City Marathon and holy cow, it was windy!! Thanks to awesome friends & teammates for fabulous fun & support!! 15 consecutive years USATF NE Grand Prix Ironrunner… 105 consecutive USATF NE Championship races.  I think I have more than enough Ironrunner jackets now (wink) and it has been a struggle to decide if I want to continue my 15 year streak, but I have been feeling unmotivated — like I “have ” to run it rather than “wanting to” run it.   I hope no one is disappointed in me, and I would so much miss seeing the fabulous USATF Grand Prix friends and teammates, but I feel I really want to look forward to other new, fun challenges !!

MHT marathon


November 11, 2014 – 124th NMH Pie Race! Yay!! Great fun! 33:30 & faster than expected! Fabulous to see Ellen McCurtin & Joe! Marggie Slichter ! Thank you Granite State Racing Team President/training partner Jim Monahan for joining me, what a blast! Pie

November 16, 2014 – Awarded Granite State Racing Team’s Runner of the Year for 2014! Thank you Granite State Racing Team so much for the unexpected recognition! They wowed me with all of the kind words and generous gifts. Holy cow, what a fun morning. The run was excellent, spending time with 20+ fantastic runner friends and seriously, I didn’t expect something like the award and feel deeply touched. It means so much to me. I feel incredibly honored to be friends and teammates with them, such accomplished athletes and genuinely thoughtful, wonderful, kind people! They are the best and I am so appreciative. GSRT runner of the year flip sideGSRT runner of the year

November 27, 2014, Thanksgiving.  No power, but 17:42 at  John Mortimer’s/ Millennium Running, Fisher Cats Thanksgiving Day 4k race (not 5k due to snow)  5th of 178 in female masters, but I would have won 45-49 AG, which is a fabulous way to look at getting older!!! Link to results

December 6, 2014 – Santa Shuffle.  Nice dancing video of Nacho Hernando and congrats on the win!  At the finish I received a nice shout out from andy Schachat and John Mortimer! As usual, another race very well done by Mort.  I didn’t know what to expect running with 2000 people in Santa costumes, but it was a lot of fun !! Plus, I was 4th female master and completed “Holiday Hat Trick!” series.  Plus, a GSRT trackmate and I redeemed our beer tickets at the Pint, with a window view for the parade!! Plus, yes, I wore all parts of my Santa suit (except the pants)


December 14, 2014 – Yule Light up the Night.  2 Miles on NH Speedway track in Loudon, in the dark!  Declaring this my best race of the year! Wooo! Link to results. 6:31 pace, 2nd female master – and had a total blast racing with Jim Monahan, Sal, Greg, Nacho, Dave Leonard, Kelly Kehr, Tom Raffio, Andy Schachat and of course John Mortimer! Maybe I should run up Dimond Hill before every race, which was what we did that morning from GSRT teammate Rob Knight’s house! We got to drive through the lights afterwards (and I wore glow bracelets) FANTASTIC FUN!yule


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