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USATF New England 10 K Championship, Lone Gull, Gloucester 9.14.14

17 Sep

Third visit to Lone Gull race and its gorgeous course along the ocean.  Last year, I traveled to Lone Gull with biking neighbor Kevin and his friend Howard and they had PR races, so this year Kevin wanted to try for another PR.   Traffic delays resulted in getting to Gloucester late, then seeing a huge line of cars for Good Harbor Beach parking, we strategically ditched the car at a shopping plaza and ran past the traffic to registration.  It worked out as a perfect warm-up and warm-down after the race.  The only down side was not having warm clothes nearby, so unfortunately no post race recovery in the ocean.

Photo by Scott Mason

Photo by Scott Mason

Lining up closer to the front and a more aggressive first mile than last year were helpful as I paced Kevin the first 2 miles.  I pulled ahead as he grabbed water and I kept pushing hard, trying to chase familiar targets like Lisa Doucett and John Kleschinsky.  Scott Mason kindly took my gloves which I tossed his way.  There was a bit of wind, but it was great weather for running.    I didn’t feel like I had much “kick” at the end when I finally got to the 6 mile mark… that big house on the ocean, slight uphill and in to the finish line, but I kept strong.

I saw Tina Dowling & Glen Simm and some other friends I had not seen in a while.   The running community is full of so many fantastic people.    Checking the results, I was very pleased with my faster than expected pace and Kevin had scored his PR!  Yay!  The race shirts weren’t bad, so we retrieved where we’d quickly stashed them behind a rock (and pricker bush) while dashing to the start.

Crossing back over the beach to post-race festivities… laughing about the sand in everybody’s shoes… it was a tremendously rewarding and successful day.   The line for food was ridiculous and anticipating the run back to the car, the better option was to head straight out celebratory seared ahi tuna.   Although, not without getting slightly lost and almost running out of gas, but that’s just part of the adventure.

Sashimi-style Ahi Tuna seared rare and placed atop an Asian slaw. Served with a creamy ginger-soy sauce.

Sashimi-style Ahi Tuna seared rare and placed atop an Asian slaw. Served with a creamy ginger-soy sauce.

Full race results

 7:35, 7:49, 7:31, 7:52, 7:38, 9:31  (final 1.2)

47:58 (watch);   48:00,  7:44 (gun);    48:10  7:46 (chip)

Whirlaway Women’s Masters, Women’s Seniors and Men’s Seniors all placed first, yay!!

Whirlaway Men’s Masters 3rd, Men’s Open 4th and Women’s Open were 6th in an extremely competitive field.



USATF New England 15K Championship, Burlington, Vermont 08.31.2014

3 Sep

Only the 2nd year for this GMAA race and first as a USATF New England Championship.   Link to course description (thanks Level Renner).   I was up at 4:00 a.m. and drove north with GSRT treammate Rob Knight, leaving Hopkinton, NH at 5:30.  We took Rob’s Acura 6 speed, shared the driving and Rob even ate sushi with chopsticks during the ride.

My training has been very light, so expectations were pretty loose.  I expected to run approximately the same pace as Amherst 10 mile race earlier this year and to calm pre-race nerves, I reminded myself to just get through the 9.3 miles.

The start was about .75 from registration, so that was a good warm-up.  I lined up near other Whirly girls… women on the left, men on the right and was glad to see CSU’s Lisa Doucett in the early miles.  With the wind, I tried to strategically place myself behind a larger male runner and a pack of several others.   A monster hill during the 4th mile did not seem to end, so I just imagined the hills I’d been biking all summer.  I’m not sure how I was able to keep my body cruising so consistently and felt grateful that I wasn’t falling apart.   I was surprised to catch GSRT trackmate Rob Knight and hoped he’d come along, but he’d toasted himself with a super aggressive start.   The latter parts of the course felt like a gift with some gentle downhills and tailwind.  I skipped the 3 water stops, just keeping to the flow of the run.  I encouraged SISU runner John Klechinsky and ticking off the last few tenths of a mile, I looked around for any other women who might be in my age group, rounded the corner and spotted the finish line.   Whirlaway coach Dave Kazanjian yelled to me and I kicked to beat a younger female runner to the line for a 1:13:30 finish (watch), 1:13:36 gun time.   Tom Derderian wasn’t far behind me and a few of us congratulated each other.  Figuring I ran 30-40 seconds per mile faster than I expected was such a positive feeling and every time I think about it I still feel so incredibly fortunate, wow!!

I must have been thirsty & had low blood sugar because I grabbed a cup of cold cider and it tasted out of this world… like the best thing I’ve ever had.   I wasn’t very hungry but tasted a Stonyfield yogurt tube for protein and a bagel for later.   The awards ceremony had a podium and Rob Knight plus 3-4 Whirly girls all received awards and applause.  There was a raffle with expensive prizes like a couple Keurig coffemakers, ski goggles, Vermont teddy bear, etc and I won a $25 gift card to SkiRack store.  Yay!!  We walked through the farmer’s market right near the race and Whirlaway and GSRT teammates Eric Williams and his wife Becky kindly invited us to use the shower at their B&B, but we were anxious to hit the road.  Quick stop for Starbucks iced black coffee and back on Rte 89.

I finally found the online results and it looks like I might potentially get 6 points in the USATF GP!!!  Woo!

Whirlaway had an excellent day with Ruben winning overall. Men’s Open – 1st, Men’s Masters – 3rd,  Men’s Seniors – 2nd, Women’s Open – 2nd, Women’s Masters – 1st, Women’s Seniors – 1st

Thanks to everyone who worked to put on the race and congratulations to all of the runners.  It was great to see so many fantastic friends and teammates!
15K Burlington (2)
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