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Whirlaway Sports Presents: Cape Cod Marathon Highlights & Interviews

30 Oct

Congrats to all who ran the Cape and to Whirlaway for another fantastic season!!  Level Renner coverage of the race is up!  Thanks Dave Kazanjian and Whirlaway for sponsoring the coverage, in addition to everything Kaz does for the Whirlaway team.   Kaz even got into it with a little on screen time himself. 

I appreciate EJN considering me “interview worthy” and love my commercial debut…  but does my voice sound off?  might be coming down with something.

Whirlaway Sports Presents: Cape Cod Marathon Highlights and Interviews


USATF New England 5k Championship 9.30.12

3 Oct

Per George Ross, an arrow painted on road to single me out. With Michael Brodeur (green GLRR) and Karen “Gumby” Durante (red WRT)

This race was nothing short of ridiculously full of grace & good fortune.  Being able to race that fast (6:45 pace) with a killer team and so many freaking great running friends… to borrow from teammate Joe Navas, “It’s chunks of time like this in my life that are better than any trophy, any birthday cake, anything I can be given or buy,  I’ll look back on these spans forever and just say ‘hell yeah, that was really something else’ ”

My last USATF NE 5k Championship in Lowell was 2000 (7:11 pace) and I would have been thrilled to run that pace again in 2012… damn, just happy to be running this race!!  (injuries, anemia here)  But 12 years older and almost 1.5 min faster, surrounded by all the positive, energetic, accomplished, outstanding friends…  absolutely hell yeah!!! 

Warm up 2.3 on course with Doctor Death and Hillcheck.  Doc was slightly hungover.  My gloves didn’t match, slight rain, nervous energy.   Women lined up on right, no stress start, smooth, worked with teammate Karen Durante and Michael Brodeur (see photo).   6:40 first mile.  Very flat.  Watched footing on wet bridges and cobblestone section.  6:49 2nd mile.  I spotted CMS senior Karen McGahie and pushed to pass her.  Yah!  Final turn, eyed finish line and yes, this felt like an incredible run!  20:50!  Days like this don’t come along often, so cherish every moment. 

This was just my 3rd run in Newton shoes.  These are the only shoes which feel ok right now, plus look, funky colors!

3 mile warm down with Lisa Z., and nearby were Karen, Doc, Deb Johnson.  Changed into dry Whirlaway Ironrunner sweatshirt and black running skirt in my rear seat, hope no one watching, but must be child/goat proofed latch because then I couldn’t get OUT.  Really hope no one watching as I step & roll over seat to the front.  Realized I forgot something (bra)… rushing & mentally exhausted, got in the back and stuck again!!  Fun silliness. 

Whirlaway teams did incredible at this race!  5 firsts and one 3rd!   The Whirly women swept

Full results here

6:45, 20:50  (20:54)   7th in AG

Scored 5 Grand Prix points.  Consecutive Grand Prix Championship:  #90

Thrilled to hold onto 4th  in standings… such an honor… just look at those fast women around me! In addition, they are such sweet friends to me.                        

W 45-49 10M 13 12 K 10K 5M 5K 26 PTS
Maria Servin   9 10 10 10     39
Trish Bourne 8 7   8 8 7   38
Alice McKeon 7   7 7 6 6   33
Sarah Prescott 6 5 4 4 5 5   29
Holly Madden     9 9   9   27


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