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Goon Squad

14 Sep

I think this is my favorite Goon photo — thanks Tom for being such a good sport — we’ve also shared some great laughs on the track

Things have been busy on the Goon front.  The founders received a request for membership from Mike Nolan and had fun reviewing his application.  We approved him and bestowed his official Goon name “Frosty” because he wears shorts year round.  I particularly liked that his application mentions the big “G” singlet, because I put a lot of thought into how I wanted the design to come across.  Very cool that it got noticed.

Doc Death and I have also collaborated to update the Goon Member Bios.  I emailed all members and received great feedback and updates from many Goons already.  Some really cool stories and love of the sport, reminds me why I am so proud to know these amazing runners.   Tom even agreed to let me use this photo for his bio, love it!  I put in new bios for Renegade, Flash (I like the photo we chose), Thunder God, Interrogator, Puma, Tom, Frosty, Departed, Codfather and  updated Bios for Cocky, Pusher, Cold Masochist, Mad Dog (check out the bloody singlet), Silent AssassinGlamour Hammer Sonic BoomHillchecker, Animal, Gumby, Whacko, Showtime, Smokin’ Ivy, Judge, Disco, Mrs Triage, Yeti

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