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How I spent my summer

28 Aug

I’ve been in touch with Coach Fernando Braz the past few weeks, rebuilding running after posterior tibial tendon injury.  When I injured it mid December,  never could have foreseen how 2012  would play out.   Had to totally shut down running in mid June then be patient and find different outlets for fitness and to keep my mind distracted.  Got a new road bike (photo below) and took advantage of  gorgeous scenery, smooth roads and hills where I live.   I cross trained at lunch (elliptical, some pool running) then biked after work for average of 2 hours a day, plus completed some rewarding landscape projects.   It was not easy, felt like I lost my identity as a “runner.”   Shed a few tears, feeling suddenly I wasn’t “me” anymore.    Then just let a new “me” emerge with an expanded repertoire.    🙂

How I spent my summer…


Lazer Helmet – Helium Special Edition, Hawaii, Black

17 Aug
Special Edition, Hawaii

Lazer Helium, Special Edition Hawaii black

Although the guys at the local bike shop assure me that 3 falls in 3 weeks is “nothing”… even stunt women protect their noggin.  

Having added biking as crosstraining, time to upgrade the 9 year old Giro helmet.   It was ~$30 LL Bean outlet return, slipped around on my head.  Not bad, but… 

Research led me to Lazer helmets.   Dream helmet was the “Helium” but so expensive, I was willing to settle for a “Genesis.”   Found new Genesis on Ebay, but unfortunately a “Sphere” arrived…  seller was cool… it went back.    More searching.   Then I actually found a new Helium ( Special Edition Hawaii Black) on Ebay for a fantastic price!!  Ohhhhhed at the photo waiting for it to arrive last night.  Unwrapping it was like Christmas.  Man, it feels so comfortable and I don’t even have to thread my ponytail through a small hole like previous helmet.   Test ride tonight!

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