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USATF New England 5 Mile Championship, Carver MA 7.28.12

30 Jul

Alarms set for 3:30 a.m., met teammates at Whirlaway store and drove teammate Karen Durante (Gumby) arriving with plenty of time.   Pre-race taped on Friday afternoon and wearing my hinged ankle brace until race time.    Only a brief warm-up before diving into unknown territory… RACE after 7 weeks wearing ankle brace, # of running days you can count on one hand, lots of biking, bit of elliptical, dabble of pool running.  Despite averaging 2 hours a day crosstraining during those 7 weeks, the not running and rehabbing… how bad was it going to be? 

Reduced expectations, didn’t look at splits.   Miles went by and held on better than imagined, even catching familiar targets.   Whirlaway teammate Reno Stirrat yelled around 4 miles that I was finally not favoring my foot… first time since mid December… my exclamation was likely heard half mile away!!!  Wooooo!!!!  Extra push to finish fiercely!!

Why beaming post-race?  Couldn’t be happier with the outcome!!  

Beaming, post race w/ Karen Durante… Goatie & Gumby
Photo by Ted Tyler of

Given injury, anemia…  hoped I’d run just less than 40… official time was 35:19!!  7:04!! Foot didn’t hurt!!  Fantastic day!!  Whirlaway teams finished 1st men masters, 1st female masters, 1st men seniors, 1st female seniors, 2nd female open, 6th men open. 

Looks like I’ll even score 5 points in USATF Grand Prix individual standings to keep me in 4th place… excellent!!

Race results

Level Renner coverage

Got home in time excited to practice Speedplay pedals on new bike, only tipped over once… then biked 2 hours Sunday… getting better with my pedals 🙂


Cobblestone & Old Chester flagging walkway / patio

23 Jul

Towards deck, old chester flagging walkway is closest to deck

Keeping busy & my mind distracted, I started on granite cobblestone & Old Chester flagging patio walkway behind my house.   Swenson Granite was incredibly helpful.    Load Nissan trunk with stones, I’d lay them out, get more, return some.    Also used some historical “reclaimed” cobblestone which previously paved NH streets (Outdoor World.)

Dennis at Swenson helped me with arc design… ski pole, carabiner and rope!  Also, a few stones “on end” to start my double edge.  From living room window, I see this view everyday, wanted it to remind me of European, old world.  I installed aluminum edge and grey stone to keep Pachysandra and daylilies controlled.   Hopefully, polymeric stone dust will make it easy care.

arc design, double cobblestones as edge, grey stone & aluminum to hold back Pachysandra

Close view of arc/fan design

Injured runner

9 Jul

Injuries… it’s not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when.”  The posterior tibial tendon in my left foot was injured when I rolled my foot mid December.  Went to emergency care for the gash in my knee and treated foot with PT, ice, Aleve, home ultrasound, Rx anti-inflammatory cream, usual protocol… wasn’t getting better, so trip to othopedic, x-rays, etc, skipped Boston Marathon… got through 4 Grand Prix races in 2012 but at Newton USATF 10K Championship on June 10th, I knew it was time for a second opinion.  Two running doctors and several other referrals led me to podiatrist Bill McCann on June 13th.   Since then, I have been wearing a hinged ankle brace up to 24 hours a day, 3 acupuncture sessions, “low-dye” taped and not running.  Fortunately, hours outside on the bike, teaching aerobics at the Y, a bit of pool running, elliptical and projects keep me distracted.   

Also found out my iron level was 6.2 and should be closer to 100!!! Guess I’m lucky I didn’t collapse and need a blood transfusion.  MD has me taking 4 iron pills a day and I’m feeling so much more energy.  No wonder my body wasn’t healing and I felt so much fatigue!  The anemia led to another test and I may have some gastrointestinal bleeding, so waiting for them to schedule a colonoscopy!  Well, how about if I consider that a “cleanse day!?”

Brick walkway rehab

Many of the bricks were from an old Nashua mill. I love the curve and how plants fill in that area

Projects to keep me busy?   On July 4th and yesterday, relaid brick sidewalk in front of  my house.  Final 1/4 still needs bit more stone dust and sweeping.  The orange landscape spike shows me where I left off yesterday.  It was getting late and I still wanted 100 minutes on bike.   

Brick walk in front of house, “found” the granite threshold, had matching one cut for end of walkway too. Chose easy care plants on right.

View from house. Varigated dogwood, pear tree, azaleas, euonymous, heuchera, vinca

contrasting color under white to show weathered effect

close up of weathering finish

Refinished bureau and mirror last week with a four step process and Martha Stewart product for “weathered crackle” appearance

view from living room window… cobblestone project

AND finally, the BIG one, cobblestone and Old Chester flagging patio/walkway… here’s a peek at the status…

I’ve been working on cobbles so many hours, it will deserve own separate post 🙂

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