USATF New England 10K Championship, Newton 6/10/12

11 Jun

This was a new race I’ve never done before to add to my running resume.    Up at 4:00 and to program Tom-Tom navigation stepped outside to enjoy the cool air and see a 4:16 a.m. moon.  Met teammates at Whirlaway store at 6:30 a.m., peeked in tent (famous tent-sale weekend), followed team van with my car in case I had time to stop at Ephraim’s post-race.   We scoped start, first turns and finish.   Dan Frank (Goon name “Showtime“) and I warmed up and planned to stick together, which worked about .25 mile (we actually finished about 30 seconds apart) but had a blast.  We’ve run track together for so many years, Showtime and I naturally fall into pace together and follow routine, unaware how much we amused teammate Paul Hammond doing our “side-step” drill.   Goons.   Afterwards too, balancing as many coconut and Hint water bottles as we (ok “I”) could possibly carry. 

My injury has kept me from doing the training I’d like to do, plus mentally it’s challenging after six months to be bubbly optimistic.  Just keep getting through them, look at the fun, friendships, team doing well and as hard as it can be, focus on positives.    Here’s one:  it looks like I scored 4 points in USATF Grand Prix division,  am in 4th place (45-49), and the only person in the 45-49 to score in all four of the GP races so far this year.   And wonderful running by my awesome teammates, Whirlaway Womens Masters Team, first!!!   See  Results 

Thanks to Krissy K for being out there and photos!

I got home in time to spend rest of the afternoon revisiting my former favorite pastime, landscaping!!  and added slate steps down embankment to lower raised beds 🙂


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