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12 Mar

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Racing Recap 2017

31 Jan

Jacket Party, Murphy’s Taproom Bedford

“All Millennium” status and completed all of the Millennium Points Chase Series chase races for the third year in a row!  For 2017 that was 17 of 17 Millennium races!  I completed 52 (and counting) consecutive Millennium Series Signature Races… Greg Audet and I kept holding steady with our streaks!!

Greg Audet, kept our streaks alive!

3rd consecutive year, Millennium Series Age Division win – very lucky and fortunate!!

“All Millennium” status, wow!!


Awards from party! Age Group winners certificate for free shoes too!

With superstar “All Millennium” award runners, Dave Audet (1st M50-59); Mark LaPrade (M open & overall winner); Eric Eastman (2nd M40-49); me (1st F50-59)

Asics shoe certificate award for Age Group winners, cool!!

With Amy from YMCA spin/core classes!

With Millennium Running founder, John Mortimer, receiving awards! They do an amazing job!

“All Millennium” status!! Congratulations!! Group photo

For the Millennium series this year, it included a few opportunities I had never raced before…   Shamrock HalfMarathon, falling the day before Shamrock Shuffle and Manchester Half Marathon, falling the day after a new race on SNHU, Penmen 5K on Veteran’s Day weekend.

It turned out that Veteran’s Day weekend was the beginning of “horticultural winter” brrrrr cold, quick transition of dropping temperatures. I was extremely, ridiculously lucky in 2017. I’m not sure how my body is keeping going, but I am extremely grateful does and thankful for the awesome friends, family, teammates, co-workers who inspire me so much.

Millennium Mile: Jan 1,                                                                            PODIUM 3/100

Snowflake Shuffle: Jan 15                                                                         PODIUM 2/175

Fat Tuesday: Feb 28                                                                                   PODIUM 2/214

Shamrock Half Marathon: Mar 25 (double race weekend)                PODIUM


Shamrock Shuffle: Mar 26 (double race weekend)                              PODIUM 2/182

Cinco de Miles: May 7                                                                                PODIUM 2/215

Ribfest: June 18                                              UASTF NE 5 Mile Championship, Whirlaway Masters team win

Boot Scoot: July 15                                                                                    PODIUM

1/111 AG (unexpected)

NH 10 Mile: August 26                                                                             PODIUM

2/78 (unexpected)

Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day: Sept 10                                                     PODIUM

1/93 (unexpected)

Traveler Half Marathon: Oct 1                                                                TOP 5 AG, COMPETITIVE

CHaD Trick or Trot: Oct 28                                                                     PODIUM 2/105

Penmen for Patriots: Nov 11 (double race weekend)                          PODIUM

1/44 (unexpected!)

Manchester City Half Marathon: Nov 12 (double race weekend)    PODIUM 2/64 (unexpected gift day)

Fisher Cats Thanksgiving: Nov 23                                CONSECUTIVE RACE #50

Santa Shuffle: Dec 2                                                                                   PODIUM 2/172

Yule Light Up the Night, NH Motor speedway: Dec 10                      PODIUM 2/131

Award shoes!! Cool beans!! Plus I bought a new pair of Newtons with discount award! Wooo!!

Yule Light up the Night, Millennium Running – December 10, 2017

14 Dec

2.1 miles through 2 million Christmas lights. 4:30 PM Snowy, icy track – fun! Grateful for Podium Day 2/131 AG!!

Last race of NEDD Points Chase Series, Race #17 of 17!!


My fourth opportunity to enjoy this race. (Previous race reports  2015  2016.)  Nighttime, 2.1 miles through NH’s largest holiday lights display on the NH Motor Speedway grounds, Loudon.   Super festive way to finish NEDD Points Chase Series!!   Thanks John Mortimer and Millennium Running crew for another fantastic event.  From snowfall the day prior, the track was icy/snowy in some spots.   It slowed me down a bit, so I “got my money’s worth” seeing the lights this year!

Official charity was Speedway Children’s Charities… over $250,000 to local youth organizations.

Per email about parking, I arrived by 3:15 for 4:30 start, followed email instructions to enter the property via the South Entrance.   NHMS loaded two lots simultaneously to improve efficiency and parking arrival times.   Then we also egressed simultaneously for a smooth, quick exit through North Entrance, via a dedicated egress route and Loudon & Canterbury Police.

Easy parking

I picked up bib number 4 (I must have registered way early!) and my lighted (LED) running tech hat and enjoyed the bonfire to keep warm. Wearing new Whirlaway winter hat (with ponytail hole) and trying brand new Swedish mittens, Ojbro Vantfabrik Karg (I love their yellow and red triangle warning displayed on the mittens: “Varning Varma Vantar” Translation: “Warning Warm Mittens”

New mitten warning label

During warm up my Newton shoes felt a bit slippery with the icy conditions, OK… this will be interesting and wiping out would be a drag. Super to connect with friends before the race… chilly removing a pair of warm Sporthill pants and two of my jackets… at least the chilliness kept me motivated to keep moving!!  No dilly dally today!  I lined up close towards the front and was super pleased my new Whirly hat was warm.    Preparing and ready for start and we were off and soon under the first lighted tunnel… yay!  I was pushing, but speed reduced with the conditions… I was able to enjoy the lights much more than past 3 years… bonus!   Up a bit of incline and I saw Greg Audet ahead, I tried to catch up, watch the for footing… added to the darkness, making it extra fun.  I rounded the turn towards the final straightaway and finish line, hearing professional announcer Andy Schachat’s voice.  The finish in sight, Andy’s generous, enthusiastic words made me feel like a super runner, “Sarah Prescott, one of the most iconic figures the NH running scene has ever produced” very special.    YAY!!!  Finish video

Kick to finish line

I checked in with friends about postrace celebration and put on a warm jacket.   Apparently, the cold temps were causing some trouble with the results screens, so the line at printout results was pretty long.   Grabbed Dasani water and there was also Powerade, fruit, Stonyfield yogurt, hot soup from Somerset Grille.

Grateful for Podium Day 2/131 AG, Cherishing all the great friends and fun!

All of the Millennium Running crew did a fantastic job as always, helpful and kind, despite being outdoors in the cold for hours.  Registration coordinator, Nancy Peabody, is always awesome… checked the printout and wow, surprised me… holy cow, I got super lucky with a Podium Day!!  Feeling very, very grateful – so lucky for all the great people, friends, camaraderie, feeling healthy… savoring our race day experiences and feeling of accomplishment!!

Postrace. iPhone eclipse. Greg’s 50th consecutive Points Chase race!!

Back to the car and zoom, traffic was moving for a really easy exit – so fast that I only got one leg into my warm Sporthill pants while I was driving towards the North exit… funny!  I headed to the postrace celebration, meeting up with the large group at Buffalo Wild Wings… we did it… concluding the Millennium Race Series… 17 of 17 Points Chase Series Races for me for 2017!!!  That gives me a three year consecutive streak of doing every Points Chase Series race!!    Everyone was pleased with great accomplishments all around!!

NEDD Points Chase Age Group winner pose: Dave Audet, me, Tom Raffio


NEDD Points Chase Age Group winners,
Dave Audet, Mark LaPrade, Tom Raffio, Michael Popham, me

Millennium and sponsor, Gentle Dental, provided free digital race photos emailed a few days later, part of the awesome attention to detail – we are treated so well!!! Plus we received the video of finish line.


CMC Athlete of the Month

12 Dec

Fabulous and unexpected honor.   The link is here:

CMC Athlete of the Month: November 2017

Sarah Prescott

Sarah Prescott of Concord, NH has been named the CMC Athlete of the Month for November. Beginning in October 2014, Sarah has put together a streak of 50 straight Northeast Delta Dental Millennium Points Chase Series races! Sarah’s stretch is impressive enough, but it’s her grace and speed that take her to the next level. Always with a smile, Sarah consistently places in the top of her division. In fact, she is currently leading the points chase for her age group! Running an impressive 24:17.3 at the Penmen for Patriots 5k (finishing first in her division), Sarah followed-up the next day by finishing the Manchester City Half-Marathon in under 2 hours. Consistent as always, Sarah ran 24:24.1 to finish off a great month at the Fisher Cats Thanksgiving 5k. What a month, what a streak, what an awesome person! Make sure to congratulate Sarah at your next Millennium Running event, we have confidence she’ll be there! Way to go Sarah!


BASC Santa Claus Shuffle, December 2, 2017

6 Dec

2/172 in AG, Age Grade time 18:60, 73%  (22:20)

20th “podium” in this AG

2017 Northeast Delta Dental Points Chase, Millennium Running Series Race #16 of 17 races


Visit with super fast Santa, friend Eric Eastman

Saturday afternoon, 3:15, Elm Street, downtown Manchester.   Imagine 1700 Santas all racing through the center of Manchester… crowds, parade participants & even floats ready to follow the race!!!  Mayor, music, great weather!!

The race expo was in Radisson hotel and I enjoyed seeing the Apple Therapy table and even got to use an awesome Trigger Point Grid roller and chat about Euflexxa knee injections.   Also, Orange Theory had drawstring spike bags for us too!


Millennium Running founder, John Mortimer!! The suit is a hoot!!

John Mortimer’s holiday suit was such a hoot!!  I enjoyed chatting with Ellen Raffio during warm-up.  The race venue,  start and finish line inflatable black & white arch are so professional and exciting.   Pre-race nerves.   Checking in with friends, some of us attempting to do the entire series of 17 races!!  Runners are such a great, supportive, positive, upbeat group.   Munched on some banana, put on warm gloves & hand warmers and prepared to line up.   I love the countdown clock to race start, brilliant!!   Millennium Running is always incredibly professional and top rate, John Mortimer and the Millennium crew do it right and always impress me.

Live national anthem, mayor, filmed for WMUR TV, a sea of 1700 red suited Santas ready to fly down Elm Street!!  We were off!!   Having fun, keep it going!   I saw friend, Greg Audet, ahead.   Since it is an out & back course, John Mortimer and the lead vehicle shouted out & cheered us, there were the male & female leaders!!

Through the neighborhood loop and back on Elm Street to see all the other runners too!  Fun seeing parade floats, firefighters ready for the parade, kids lining the course.  Bridge Street intersection, Hanover Street, keep it going… stay strong… looking for that finish line, keep strong!!  I could hear announcer Andy Schachat and I pushed closer towards the finish line and timing clock coming into view. 

Andy gave an awesomely generous, enthusiastic & kind shout out, “the iconic and legendary Sarah Prescott running again to the finish line of a Millennium event!!!” I came in and over the line, whew!  Wooooooo!!!  Done!!!  (finish video, I’m around 6:35)

Superfast friend Pat Bourgault was ahead of me and said hello.  I grabbed a water and circled back to my car for a jacket, saw Dave Audet, Bud… Portland Pie Pizza, organic fruit, Muscle Milk Bars, Stonyfield Yogurt… I offered Beth Connolly my beer ticket.  I stopped by the results timing trailer before the line got too long and hugely grateful for a Podium Day!!

Very grateful for a “Podium Day” it never gets old… cherishing being able to do this with friends & fun!!  2/172 in AG

Very, very cool to see that on the screen.  I feel very lucky right now and I know my luck will run out quickly, so cherishing it tremendously.  And today, if I figured correctly, this was 20th “Podium Day” since I aged up to this Age Group.  It’s a big deal for me… never gets old… I feel very, very grateful to experience it.  

Dave Audet must have a room devoted to awards!


BASC Santa Shuffle, bib, award, new Whirlaway singlet


I need to remind myself not to get so jammed up my “time” and remember some of the awesome advice from Jonathan Beverly’s book, Run Strong, Stay Hungry – read, reread, repeat…  


Fisher Cats Thanksgiving 5k, November 23, 2017

5 Dec

50th consecutive Millennium Points Chase race

6/179 in AG, Age Grade time 21:07, 68.18%

My 4th Fisher Cats Thanksgiving race and I always think back to my first, when we had a snowstorm the night before… the course changed and I didn’t have electricity at home for a couple days.   Brrrrr, that was a test, requiring some inner “Sisu” (“Sisu is a Finnish concept and cultural construct that is described through a combination of various English terms including stoic determination, grit, bravery, resilience, and hardiness and is held by Finns themselves to express their national character”)    2015 Race report 

  2016 Race report  

Even a bit for 2014 Race, as part of this write-up

I love ball park stadium start/finishes!! This Northeast Delta Dental Stadium venue is always a blast.  WMUR Sports Director Jamie Staton was announcing, always awesome too.

Love the ballpark start & finish, jumbotron!!

The Union Leader reported 2,300 pre-registered runners! 

Wow, what a huge & also a very highly competitive field of the best runners.   Nacho Hernando came from NY for the win, and my age group was stacked with incredible athletes!!  Wow!!!  

I enjoyed seeing so many friends – runners are a great group – and come together to support one another, encourage each others to be the best possible version of ourselves.  There is strength within us all, racing is a challenge and that reminds us of our strength which is in us.   Summoning mental toughness, persistence, hanging in there.  Perseverance and grit.   I was feeling challenged for sure… not just by racing… the holidays, family, being down on myself, trouble seeing the “fun” or the silver lining… which sometimes takes a bit more effort.     

Millennium Running founder John Mortimer, keeping it fun!

Enough whining!  Awesome to be familiar with the course and push through the miles.   There was some headwind on the way out, keep strong, feeling the cold air in the lungs, keep strong.   Watching for the next mile marker… keep it going!   As we turned closer to the stadium, Jade was on the side, and I saw Greg not far behind me.   I didn’t realize I had passed Greg.   I heard WMUR TV Sports Director Jamie Staton’s voice announcing and it made me push a bit harder. 

inside the ballpark stadium, on warming track, finish line in sight!!!


Go, go, go!!

Strong finish, keep it together a bit more until, whew!!!!! Over the line!!!  Friends Greg Audet and Jade came in right behind me and  Greg apparently had an untied shoelace and Jade had to stop to hurl.   We commiserated together after we walked away from the finish line.   Greg reminded me that even on a “bad” day, things aren’t all that bad.  Dang, sooooo true!!  I am so grateful for so much awesomeness in my life, I am very lucky. 

Running friend, Greg Audet

I grabbed a few apples and water on the ballpark concourse and people were headed away quickly post-race for Thanksgiving plans.   I was disappointed for some reason with my time, placement, not my favorite holiday and I tried to look for positives.  Hmmmm happy to warm up in my car, happy to have electricity this Thanksgiving!! 

I had not figured it out until I counted, but it turned out that this Fisher Cats Thanksgiving Day race was my 5oth consecutive Millennium Running Points Series Race!!  Thanks Greg Audet for letting me know we had “streaks” going… mine started in October 2014!!  ok, THAT is a positive way to think about this race.  Also, it was #15 out of 17 in this year’s Point Chase race series – a checkmark towards getting through another, one step closer.

Race winner Nacho Hernando… great Fisher Cats Mascot Bio: Fungo, the popular Fisher Cats mascot was born in the woodlands of New Hampshire. He grew up as a “kit”, or baby Fisher, and he enjoyed playing with Fisher Price toys. His favorite candy is Swedish Fish.

Acknowledged streak race #50 at Millennium Retail store with a new pair of Newton shoes! Great deal & used a race award gift certificate!

November 12, 2017, Manchester City Half marathon (double race weekend)

4 Dec

Unexpected PODIUM DAY!!!! 2/64 AG,

67.44% Age graded score, Age graded time 1:36:41,     (1:51:17.3)   Cherishing!!

Finish Line Ready!! Night before the race

This was a totally unexpected Podium Day.  Holy cow, runners from all over the nation – beyond my wildest dreams!! The AG winner in front of me came from NY!  And the 3rd place behind me was only 3 seconds behind me, GULP!!  (The NH Chronicle piece indicated runners from 40 different states and 8 different countries were racing)

I tried to prepare physically, particularly after my 6 Euflexxa knee injections, putting in some 12 mile runs, a 14 mile and a couple days a week of several hours biking.   Mentally, I can’t say that I visualized or focused all too well.  Embarrassingly, I’m not very motivated to run.  Gail Martin said: “turns out discipline and desire for future outcome is the drive behind zero motivation. “

I had never raced a half marathon the day after racing a 5k, so unchartered territory.  Also, although I did Manchester Marathon a few times (and many other Manchester races) I had also not seen the entire half marathon course.

Set alarms and had clothes ready to go.  Coffee, then running friend (Granite State Racing Team President) Jim Monahan, picked me up at 7:30 in warm Audi… found a convenient parking spot, stayed warm and walked around a bit.  Nervous energy.   I had our race numbers and shirts from the expo the day before.   The temperature was in the 20’s- brrrr, decided our hats & gloves, walked around the registration area and pee stop before we lined up on Elm Street heading North.   I didn’t want to be cold, so I bundled up big time with white Under Armour balaclava and white Sauce hat.

WMUR TV live, music was pumping, high fives with friends and I pulled Jim closer to the front, just a few rows from the line.

Who is that masked woman?! Hands up!! Let’s goooo!!

Per Coach Amber Ferreria, Jim was supposed to go out easy, negative splits, so I worked to reign him back in the first mile.   Jim saw his fast mile split.  I got ahead by a bit and kept working.  Somehow these days, racing a half marathon feels like what racing a marathon used to feel like!

There was a significant early downhill and some good uphills in the race also.  Later we talked about that downhill and Jim said it was steepest he’d ever done!  I kept working and noticed I was putting in some good effort, so tried to keep a proper balance of pushing.  My calves twinged a bit before we got to Livingston Park trail section (kind of early for this) and I hoped they wouldn’t spasm and really mess up my race.  Pacing, mental tricks, be wary of form if calves are headed towards cramping.   Enjoyed seeing the familiar roads from doing the marathon and work day lunch runs in the area.  Inside my “oven mitt” big gloves, I had cashmere liners (warm!) and hand warmers, and crossing Webster Street I tossed my hand warmers.  Derryfield Park incline, good distractions along the way, awesome spectators.   I tried to keep strong, 13.1 miles is a long way.   I didn’t end up taking water, PowerAde, Gu’s – since I hadn’t done that in training.   No music, just taking it all in, connecting with others and the event.    I pushed and focused.

I was especially happy to get to Hanover Street and I visualized the medal and finish line . . . keep it going.  I saw Jade and I kept focused on the Sheehan Phinney law firm building ahead on Elm Street for the final turn.   Right around Palace Theater on Hanover, Jim Monahan appeared beside me!  I encouraged him, he asked, “want to cross the finish line together?”  He later told me he had been chasing me for a few miles.

In step with Jim

We rounded the left to Elm Street and the final straightaway towards the finish line and beautiful black & white inflatable Millennium arch.    It was pretty epic since we have trained together 6 years, and have many occasions of “pulling each other through” training runs.

Elm Street, almost to finish!!

Running in step, like so many years of running together … down wide open Elm Street.  WMUR TV Sports Director Jamie Staton was announcing and gave me an enthusiastic, generous, complimentary shout out as we approached all the banners & finish staging.  Oh man, that gorgeous finish arch and mat!!! Over the line!!!!!  Epic feeling!!!

We received our medals, offered warming blankets and I needed to keep legs moving.

Post race

We circled back and saw no line for massage, so we had them work on us.   I ate a banana while on the table, hoping to ward off bonkiness.  My quad, calves and right foot were all spasming, pretty funny.   The massage was helpful, we checked the timing trailer for our results, and I was incredibly surprised to see a podium day!!  That was hugely unexpected – I looked online and in my Age Group there were female runners from all over the country.


With that venue and distance, it attracted serious runners.  I hoped for something in top 10 in AG.   2nd in AG, surreal, beyond my wildest dreams!!   I am cherishing it, I am a young age grouper – others will age up quickly.   Plus, age group win on Saturday.   How did I get so lucky this weekend?

I checked results later and the woman who finished 1st in Age Group is from Saugerties, NY and next woman behind me was only 3 seconds back, holy freaking cow!!!

Trying to juggle bottles of Maple Water, hot soup, gloves, trail mix, Muscle Milk bars, Stonyfield yogurt… Jim offered to carry my extra Maple Waters in his coat pockets until they fell out… I fortunately found Orange Theory drawstring spike bags at their table, perfect!!!  Dang, long event training & racing can be a two person event!!  Training partners share long runs, years of seeing each other at tiredest, soaking wettest, freezingest, melting hottest, boogery, pushing hard, competing, injury advice… kindly carrying each others stuff, picking up numbers/shirts at expo, travel together, two minds to figure out clothing layers, keeping Jim on pace, finding secret pee locations.

Unexpected podium day, cherishing!


Another similarity to marathon racing…  postrace calorie consumption. I wasn’t hungry right after the race.  Immediately postrace I had a banana, hot soup, Maple Water, then Jim treated me to dark roast black coffee on the ride home (compensation for that 4/10ths of second differential).   After dinner that night, similar to post-marathon, the hungriness hit at 12:30 a.m.!  Dang, I was immediately reminded of marathons (particularly Chicago, Philadelphia, Cape Cod, Boston) when my body goes through the feeling like it can’t get enough calories.  I remember rummaging for change for vending machines at hotels, the “give-away” bars and treats from race expo… fortunately, right after this race I grabbed giveaway trail mix (Orange Theory), Cliff Bar, salted caramel Muscle Milk bar, Stonyfield Greek yogurt.

Hungry post race munchies!!

12:30 a.m. that night, hungriness overtook.   That salted caramel Muscle Milk, could not have tasted better.

Manchester City Marathon, Half, Relay long sleeve shirt

SNHU Penmen for Patriots 5K, Nov 11, 2017 – double race weekend

20 Nov

PODIUM DAY!!!! 1/44 AG, and finished in top 10 for women!!!

69.72% Age graded score, Age graded time 20:40


 A few days leading up to double race weekend, temperatures quickly went from comfortable, to brrrr chilly cold… I put together a clothing plan for Saturday & Sunday including a few phone calls with Whirlaway coach, Dave Kazanjian, regarding new Whirlaway singlet. Since he only had x-s available, it was iffy whether it would fit. Amusingly, wearing it the first time over a black, long sleeve Under Armour cold gear ¼ zip top, caused my black Nike short racing shorts to ride up, bun hugger style!! Hahahaha!! A few quick readjustments during the race!!   Tom Raffio said he caught me “adjusting” during the race.

New Whirlaway Singlet test run!

The SNHU campus is much more beautiful than I had imagined. The cedar shakes on the Gutafson building (expo) definitely won my heart.   The people on campus were all very helpful and super, plus the Millennium Running crew did a fantastic job.   I parked easily and had a few bites of banana.   I had previewed some of the roads, but the starting arch wasn’t where I expected – no worries.   We lined up behind Mort’s cool “military” lead vehicle and we had recognition for Veterans Day.

John Mortimer traded for this lead vehicle today!!

Pre-race nerves, oh boy, check in with friends at starting line and feel the adrenalin. The gun fired and we were off, keep focus. There are some hills on the course, dang, work hard, Sarah.   I was chasing friend, Greg Audet, for miles and tied to close the gap in last mile. We tried to work together as we approached the last bit before the finish.

Finish line in sight, focus!

Race announcer, Andy Schachat, gave me a fabulously generous shout out which always makes me feel like an “elite” runner.   Greg was right behind me, but he had switched numbers with female runner Heidi Lewis who was ill, (the computer was updated later) and Andy noticed Greg was not Heidi and temporarily, the results listed Greg as Heidi (podium day!)

Immediately post race, I had a chance to check in with friends who were also running the next day, some like friend Eric doing his first marathon the next day!

Post race with friend, Eric Eastman.

I remind myself to not get too jammed about my finish time until I look at Age Grade calculator.   I went to the results timing trailer and was wowed seeing a “1st ” in division – no way?!?!?! WOW, holy cow!!   I didn’t expect that at all and cherish it.

Feeling very fortunate, cherishing!

Fun visiting with friends and some photos (mug shot!) inside warm Gustafson Center.   Super job, as always, by John Mortimer and Millennium Running crew!

Mug shot with AG winners! Posing with our awards! Fun with friends Mark LaPrade, Bud Marro, Dave Audet, me, Tom Raffio, Ellen Raffio

I complimented SNHU vice president about the gorgeous campus and being part of today and John Mortimer!

SNHU vice president, me, Millennium Running founder John Mortimer


I put on warmer clothes, stopped at store on way home, eating a banana, trying to avoid bonkiness, & celebrated with ahi tuna, yay!!!

Post race. feeling grateful!

Healthy dinner to get me ready for racing early next morning!


Harvested my own garlic scapes yesterday, own Greek oregano (still going), my homegrown fresh tomatoes (sweet, yum!) still more ripening indoors. Press fresh garlic, add Vidalia onion, zucchini, summer squash, turmeric, Olivia’s Organics “Power Greens” (loaded with spinach & kale) Steam until hot & ahhh, warming me inside

Celebratory ahi tuna for sashimi!!! Protein love #tunasashimi.
Also, chicken breasts with capers, horseradish/wasabi sauce, garlic & turmeric.


CHaD Trick or Trot 3K, October 28, 2017

8 Nov

My fourth year enjoying this race!  John Mortimer and the Millennium crew do a super job, as always.

Trick or Trot, love it!

PODIUM DAY!!! 2/105 13:23 , Age Grade calculator 11:31 72%

Beautiful venue near Cotton Restaurant/ Arms Park in Millyard area beside Merrimack River.

Merrimack River. We raced across the bridge above.

The weather was gorgeous mid 60’s – I preran the course, hill strides and warmed up with gloves. There was some wind.   Super fun costumes, hanging out with great runner people!

Rock Lobster – B52s on iPod shuffle for upbeat start… dang, I was even bouncing standing at the start!!  I typically feel like I go out too slowly and I didn’t want that to happen on such a short race.    As soon as the race leaves Arms Park, you are on two uphill climbs.  I attacked them aggressively.

Then we take a left onto the bridge across the Merrimack River, cross the bridge and u-turn back across the bridge again.   Stealthy Pat Bourgault snuck past me.   I had not seen Pat and we had emailed earlier that day and didn’t mention she was racing, so I was surprised to see her covert move.

I pushed hard with whatever I had and rounded back into Arms Park towards the final turns and straightaway to finish line.


Trick or Trot! Keep it together !

Keep it together, kick!  I love the always generous & kind shoutout from race announcer Andy Schachat!  I crossed the finish line and kept moving.  YAY!!!!!  I circled back to the timing trailer and results screens.  Holy cow, podium day!!!!  YAY!!!  I was 2nd in AG behind Pat!!  I can’t believe it and I am so grateful that my body is allowing me to continue doing this — I feel like I am “living the dream!”

I noted that my time was slightly off from last year, Greg Audet mentioned that the course was slightly different, but I’m not sure that affected my time.  I try to take it all in stride. I should remind myself that I won’t get down on myself until I consult age grade calculator!! AG 11:31 72%

Here is a quote thinking about Age-Grading Results, WMA.  WAVA rankings

“Fortunately, for all of us who are sliding down the wrong side of the hill on a tea tray, there’s an insurance policy – commonly referred to as a WAVA Rating (this used to mean World Association of Veteran Athletes – the governing body for athletes aged 35 and over, but they now call themselves World Masters Athletics). In short, it’s a way to measure your performances that takes your age into account.”

“WAVA works by using a curve on a graph. It doesn’t use the absolute fastest times in the world, because I think we’d all agree that there’s something quite unique about people like Usain Bolt. But with a bit of statistical deep breathing, it’s possible to generate a nice smooth curve that shows the current limits of what’s possible at every age.”

Iconic racer Dave Audet joined me for a photo.   He won his age group (of course!)   A friend reminded me that Audet has done sub 3 marathons in 50 states… among his many racing accomplishments.

Selfie practice – goofballs!!

With running icon Dave Audet

Pat Bourgault and I posed for a podium day photo with our maple syrup awards.

With speedy Pat Bourgault! Podium day and our maple syrup! Great!

Cool award!!! Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, Grade A – Amber Rich Taste, by Mount Mansfield Maple! Super!

After the race, I put on dry clothes and headed to Merrimack Outlets – thinking about fall work clothes.  I had good luck at Ralph Lauren for a couple of cotton cable cardigans.  Navy color (my new interest!!) and cream.   Amusingly, the “girls” size L was just right – I have trouble finding things “petite Sarah size.”  I also found a gorgeous Ralph Lauren navy and white silk scarf… love the look.   I  found a super sale on a Brooks Brothers white crop crochet cardigan (no kidding, like 70% off!) which will be great for next summer with dresses.

I got home later for celebratory tuna and savor the excitement.  Life is good, isn’t it!?!

Look at the great Millennium Running gloves!!!  I figured “glove race swag” would be huge cotton throw-away gloves… dang these are fantastic gloves!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM!

Surprisingly awesome quality running gloves!!! John Mortimer never ceases to impress!!


Podium Day – grateful

There were some fantastic costumes at the race.   Totally fun to see the kids and adults dressed up!!   My favorite of the day was an inflatable Stay Puft Ghostbuster costume which someone ran in!!

My favorite


Traveler Beer, Millennium Running, New England Half Marathon, October 1, 2017

4 Oct

Sunday, October 1, 2017

1:49:54, Age-grade result: 1:35:29, Age-performance %: 68.29%

Photo courtesy Millennium Running

One of my favorite races.   A point-to-point 13.1 mile course from the NH Motor Speedway in Loudon to the golden dome at NH State House in Concord.   The “rolling hills” and dirt roads in the first 10k and a long downhill stretch into Concord before beautiful finish on N. Main St.

For me these days, a half marathon isn’t really something you can just “jump” into without a bit of mileage and forethought.   Earlier this year, I wasn’t sure I could even complete the distance.   I recently had 20 ml of fluid aspirated from right knee and 15 ml from left knee, then 4 weeks of Euflexxa injections, both knees. I’m feeling super grateful to just be running right now.

Logistically, you need to think about a point-to-point and longer distance race more than just a 5K too.   Saturday, I picked up race number at Millennium Running Retail Store in Bedford.   My hamstrings have been incredibly tight, so I used gift certificate I had won towards a TriggerPoint “Grid Vibe” foam roller  and used it as soon as I got home.

New Trigger Point Foam Roller


Race morning, alarm went off at 5:15 – water, coffee & more foam rolling. I strategically planned parking (north) for easy in/out driving and caught the shuttlebus beside the NH State House to the NH Motor Speedway.  I used Biofreeze and Aquaphor to work on tight leg muscles during the shuttlebus ride.   Chilly morning, 2 jackets, warm Sporthill pants, throw away shirt, arm warmers, gloves.

I had never used Millennium’s bag check, but decided to for the logistics of this race. I went to the table in the tented registration area and got my bag tag and large, clear plastic bag.  I didn’t do a extensive warm-up, just some “dynamic stretching” to try to get legs loose.  Crap, right thigh muscles felt so tight, I’d have to pay attention & hope they wouldn’t seize up.

We lined up and were off. Speedy friends were out of sight early on Route 106.   I’d just run my own race, stay loose and try to get this body through it.   The miles were clicking by pretty fast. I never felt the need for any water, Gatorade, GU, etc.   I was having so much fun out there, the miles were ticking by and I didn’t want the race to end.

Having fun

Camraderie on the hills – Millennium runner, Luis Figueroa, thanked me on FaceBook afterwards “for the push …!!!”

Old Shaker Rd (dirt), having too much fun! Photo courtesy Luis

Gorgeous Millennium inflatable arches and 5k, 10K & 10 mile splits. Spectators cheering at Old Shaker Rd and Clough Pond, Loudon (3.4 m.); Flagg Rd, Loudon (4.2 m); Shaker Rd & School St, Concord (6.2 m) YAY, now on my training route!!!

I caught up to friend, Greg Audet, gutting it out after a week of being ill.  We were within view of my alpaca & cashmere goat friends at Executive Council Andru Volinsky’s house – Greg heard me yell to them: “Buck, Cody, Mike, Scooter!!!” and they answered me back!!! I think Greg got a laugh!

Alpacas: Buck, Cody, Mike & cashmere goat: Scooter! Seeing them is a reward during long runs!

I loved seeing a biking neighbor 3-4 times who gave me strength and encouragement at top of Shaker Hill.   He said he’s been seeing me out there for years and I was the smoothest runner he’d seen (exactly 24 years on those roads!)   Cute x-c girls at Shaker School water stop – one called me out by name, seeing my name on race number, it warmed my heart.   Even more fun, at 10 mile mark I saw running friend, Tim Pifer, cheering me.  Then at 11 miles, Eastman St @ Portsmouth Ave., (our awesome new roundabout) high fives from Dana Breeden and John Mortimer himself.

I couldn’t get over my body’s ability to keep it going, no issues, so I was getting ready to plan a strong finish.   Strategically, I love the “danger” of moving up a few places on the pedestrian bridge over Merrimack River.  The little bridge is narrow & moves a bit high above the River. “Go, Sarah, visualize finishing strong at 28 marathons (15 Boston Qualifiers), you know what to do body.”  Another fun x-c girls water stop & (I think) live radio broadcast new Delta Dental.

Would the “final hill” up to highway & North Main tighten me?  Keep loose, keep passing.  The beautiful straightaway – downtown Main Street, paying attention to form – Amber, then Eric Eastman yelled out to me, that fabulous, huge black & white inflatable finish arch, timing clock, announcer WMUR Sports Director Jamie Staton’s generously kind, enthusiastic shout out, fantastic as always!! Keep form, finish strong and done!!!   Woooooo!!!!! What a feeling!!!

Towards finish line

Received my medal, water and kept moving, the post race endorphins felt super.   Pretty seamlessly picked up my bag a gear check, had a few photos with friends. Main Street was buzzing with fun!

WMUR Sports Director Jamie Staton and Millennium Running Owner & Founder, John Mortimer, both do a fantastic job!!!

Complimentary Stonyfield yogurt products, Powerade, Muscle Milk bars & drink, American Flat Bread Pizza with portable wood fired oven. There was a great live band, tents with give-aways (new toothbrush, little toothpaste, floss, spike bag, white Wayfarer style sunglasses for a co-worker friend!) Apples, bananas, string cheese.

Knees held up! Both aspirated & 4 weeks of Euflexxa injections

Checking in with friends how their races went.  I checked results on the screens at timing trailer and was thrilled for a top 5 finish in such a competitive field!!  I’d hoped for top 8-10 out there today.

With Millennium Running friend, Eric

Sponsor Traveler Beer was doing promotions, so I posed for a photo with a fake mustache.

Traveler Promotion with ‘stache

The reps said that in a few minutes they were going over to The Crazy Goat, promoting Traveler, with complimentary beer pint glasses, etc, and suggested I go over.   I gently stretched in front of The Crazy Goat (love the name) and heard that Margaritas Mexican Restaurant (the other post-race spot) was packed.

Cool swag: high quality fleece jacket!! Medals and Traveler Beer New England Half glass post-race from The Crazy Goat!! Love it!

My stomach didn’t feel up to eating or drinking anything more than water so I headed home for 2 NUUN electrolyte tablets x 32 oz water…  and an ICE BATH!!! Yes!!! The old routine!!  Everything I could do to aid postrace recovery.  Later, compression socks, taking it easy (at least easy for me), did some grocery shopping & when I finally got hungry, put together a really healthy post-race celebration meal.   Plus fresh tuna. Massage the next day.

Postrace kick of anti-inflammation: fresh garlic, Vidalia onion, turmeric, zucchini, summer squash, rainbow chard greens, 5 varieties of my own homegrown tomatoes, my fresh grown parsley & Greek oregano, asparagus & green beans = YUM!!!

I feel so fortunate and grateful, it could not have been a better day. Living the dream!!


Long run friend, Jim, texted this photo early race morning


Points Chase Standings, as of Traveler Beer New England Half Marathon, updated and emailed to us the next day.   Hanging in there!

Points Chase F50-59.fw

Points Chase Standings F50-59. Still doing well in standings with great ladies




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